University of Minnesota, Morris

Commission on Women

Advisory Board Meeting Summary



Date:  December 14, 2001


In Attendance:  Anna Dronzek, Julia Dabbs, Karen Ellis, Clare Strand, Amy McGovern,                                                                              Sarah Mattson, Karen Johnson


Guests:  Henry Fulda, Director of Student Counseling


Not Present:  Maggie Larson Dylla, LeAnn Dean


SPECIAL NOTE:  An additional female faculty person is welcome to join the board. Contact Clare at x6026


Items discussed:        Request for grant monies to support the Multicultural Student Leadership Retreat.  Subcommittee made up of Julia Dabbs and LeAnn Dean recommended that what was remaining in earmarked funds for initiative grants be awarded.  Although not the full amount requested $500 was awarded by the board.


Revised Mission Statement and long-range goals was discussed at length. Assistance  with this process was provided by Henry Fulda.


Conclusions:  Based on the current overarching goals of “clarity and visibility” for this year a new brochure is being developed that better describes where the Commission on Women at UMM is at right now and the direction it is headed.    A working draft will be available to anyone who wants to provide input. Please contact Clare Strand for a copy.  This will be discussed again at a board meeting in January.  Anticipated delivery of new brochure is at the CW sponsored event of “Julie the Story Teller” on February 21, during Women’s Week.


 Input is needed from the Women’s Studies Major Advisory group regarding one of the current goals of the CW and how it might be different.


Action taken:  Grant money awarded (see above)



Next Board Meeting:  January 18th, 2002 at 9:30-10:30 am, Prairie Lounge