University of Minnesota, Morris

Commission on Women

Advisory Board Meeting Summary



Date:  December 03 and December 17, 2002


In Attendance: all board members


Guests:  Henry Fulda on the 3rd


Items discussed:  Possibility of restructuring the coordinator position.  Focus on where are you now? Where do you want to be? How are you going to get there.    Current setup defined with pros and cons identified.  Brain storming about different options took place also.  Discussion will continue next semester.



Multicultural Student Leadership Retreat grant request for $1000 was discuss.  Awarded $500 from “Initiative Grants” monies.  Interest in having something like this for faculty and staff was expressed.  Follow up on this will happen next semester.


Julia Dabbs, Grants subcommittee member, will be on single quarter leave.  Anyone interested in serving on this subcommittee with LeAnn Dean is welcome.  Please contact Clare Strand @ x6026


New Space subcommittee is initiating dialogue with CW, WOCA, WRC, Equality, and the Queer Issues Committee about proposal for new location/shared space.  CW is generally in favor with office space needs to be included in the proposal.  This will be pursued next semester.




Next Board Meeting:  Friday January 17, 2003

                                      9:15-10:20 am in Behmler Conference. Room