March 7, 2006


Constitutional Revision Committee

University of Minnesota, Morris

Meeting #2, 2/27/06


Present: M.E. Bezanson (Chair), M. Korth, T. Lindberg, J. Ratliff-Crain, G. Rudney, K. Strissel, G. Thorson, R. Wareham, R. Webb and T. McRoberts (interim secretary)


  1. Minutes-Though completed, the minutes of the February 20 (meeting #1) were not distributed earlier. We agreed that the committee members should have a chance to review the minutes before posting them on the website. (They will have up to a week to review them before they are posted.)


  1. Permanent Secretary-Need for a secretary-the chair is continuing to pursue assistance.


  1. Vice-Chair-The chair asked if anybody would be willing to serve with her as vice-chair in anticipation of illness and other demands on the chairıs time.


  1. Review of the Constitution-The chair posed the question if we are examining the constitution (looking at the document article by article) or do we wish to address global issues first? One member suggested that we take a brief period of time to sketch out the global issues right away and then return to the review of the constitution. Another member joined in and indicated a desire to address the global issues as well.


  1. Global Issues Regarding the Constitution (cited here as they were raised by one or more members)-


The chair expressed concern about where we were going. One member suggested that the nature of the comments suggested that the constitutional revision needs to be substantial. There followed a conversation about how we would actually go about making these changes. One member suggested that we use on-line technology (wikki) whereby each of us could participate in an ongoing dialogue about constitutional change.


  1. Return to the Constitution Article 1, Section 3