University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning Committee Minutes

October 6, 2000


Members present:    Prince Amattoe, Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Ken Crandall, LeAnn Dean, Pam Gades, Bryan Herrmann, Margaret
                                    Kuchenreuther (chair), Maddy Maxeiner, Lowell Rasmussen, Joe Timmerman, Brian Welle

Members absent:     Annie Olson

(In these minutes: discussion of street names for UMM campus)

I. Opening business

The meeting began at 8:00 a.m.  The minutes of September 26, 2000 were discussed. Gades expressed concern about the statement "staff need to understand that serving is their job." Minutes will be changed to "all employees need to understand that serving students is their job." Approved as amended. (Motion by Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, second by Bryan Herrmann.)

II. Street names for UMM campus

Rasmussen reported that he did not receive a flood of suggestions to name the streets of the campus. The county needs this information to facilitate their Enhanced 911 program. Rasmussen checked with the University Real Estate Office to see if there are policies to follow in naming the streets, there are none. After some discussion, Mary Elizabeth Bezanson made a motion with a second by Bryan Herrmann, that the committee make the following recommendation to Sam Schuman.

        Existing Road Name                                                                       Recommended Name
        Mall Road                                                                                         Cougar Circle
        Road to Experiment Station                                                          Prairie Lane
        East Campus Drive                                                                         Alumni Drive
        Center Street                                                                                    Center Drive
        West Campus Drive                                                                       University Drive

Rasmussen also alerted the committee to the HEAPR request In the past, amount requests have been between $15-20 million dollars, now requests may be up to $90 million. By this December or January, Rasmussen needs to submit a six year plan.

III. Campus planning

Kuchenreuther thought last weekÝs discussion was very productive. We talked about our strengths and weaknesses, now we should set our priorities. She asked the committee to come to the next meeting with three top priorities. Kuchenreuther noted she has met with Chancellor Schuman to get an understanding of what he thinks this committee should do. Both Schuman and Kuchenreuther believe this committee could be much more active than it is. A concrete example Kuchenreuther gave is that Schuman thinks the committee might address faculty positions and allocation of faculty campus-wide. She asked the committee to think in terms of what we want UMM to be, to start broadly and then narrow down to make it happen. Maxeiner believes this is the time for more leadership from this committee and that Sam would welcome that.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 a.m.

Submitted by Carrie Grussing