University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning Committee Minutes

October 16, 2000

Member present:     Prince Amattoe, Ferolyn Angell, Ken Crandall, LeAnn Dean, Pam Gades, Bryan Herrmann, Margaret Kuchenreuther (chair), Maddy
                                         Maxeiner, Annie Olson, Jim VanAlstine

Absent:                        Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Lowell Rasmussen, Joe Timmerman, Brian Welle

(In these minutes: discussion of campus planning)

Meeting began at 8:05 a.m. with round of introduction. Kuchenreuther noted that Annie Olson has replaced Melissa Nelmark.  Minutes of 10/6/00 were approved on a motion by Pam Gades, second by Prince Amattoe.

Campus Planning

Continuing on the productive discussion at the previous meeting, Kuchenreuther asked the committee to solidify the direction they want to go this year. She asked members to give two or three strengths and weaknesses. Committee members listed the following:

        * lack of visibility
        * continued need for funding
        * competitiveness, devisiveness, lack of common priorities
        * difficult to contain critical mass because of our size
        * campus climate for current students
        * campus climate regarding diversity
        * resources

        * capital funding
        * creativity of energy of students, staff and faculty
        * our size

Amattoe strongly agrees with the notion that UMM does not have an innovative support system for students on this campus. Students need a strong social life. Kuchenreuther noted that faculty and staff feel the lack of social activities available to them as well.

Herrmann doesn't believe our graduation ceremony is very welcoming to guests. He also sees this as the perfect time to recruit prospective students. Kuchenreuther suggested a big picnic or some similar to our orientation program. A suggestion was made to invite the chair of the Functions and Awards Committee and our Special Events Coordinator to discuss ways we could improve graduation.

Kuchenreuther also believes UMM operates as a 9-month campus and that we could make a vital community of learners for undergraduate students if more opportunities were available during the summer months. Herrmann believes if the campus wage was higher for MAI's and MAP's, students would be more likely to stay here in the summer. Maxeiner asked the student members how they believe students conceptually look at summer: academics, resources, or fun. Herrmann thinks it's a chance to gain resources to pay for their education.

Angell thinks we need to improve the link between academic programs and athletic programs. Crandall commented that he prefers not to bring visitors to campus on any given Saturday, because there is no one here. Maxeiner added that anything we can do to strengthen our visibility in the area would serve everyone involved. For example, building relationships with area newspapers, radio stations. Kuchenreuther believes resources will flow from visibility.

Herrmann also expressed concern about the facilities plan. Phase III needs to be in place so we can move on with Edson. He asked if someone could explain the history of why Edson wasn't included in the original Student Center planning. Maxeiner expressed concern about our facilities plan and where that would fit into our top three priorities.

After much discussion, the committee agreed to address the following:

         1. Campus climate
         2. Resources
         3. Visibility

The committee agreed to meet Friday, October 20 at 8:00 a.m. Kuchenreuther asked the committee come prepared to discuss the campus climate from a student point of view, outlining the struggles and what we can do to overcome those. The archives issue also needs to be addressed soon.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 a.m.

Submitted by Carrie Grussing