University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resource and Planning Committee Minutes

October 20, 2000

Members Present:     Prince Amattoe, Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Ken Crandell, Bryan Herrmann, Margaret Kuchenreuther (chair), Maddy Maxeiner,
                                            Annie Olson, Lowell Rasmussen, Joe Timmerman, Jim VanAlstine

Absent:                          Ferolyn Angell, LeAnn Dean, Pam Gades, Brian Welle

Guest:                             Dave Aronson

(In these minutes:  review of emergency capital request; brief discussion of campus climate issue; discussion of Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs Search process.)

I.  Opening Business

Meeting began at 8:05 a.m.

The minutes of October 13 were discussed with the addition of a request by Ferolyn Angell to know more about the budgeting process and to invite the Interim Vice Chancellor for Finance to a meeting.  The minutes were approved as amended with a motion by Bryan Herrmann and seconded by Mary Elizabeth Bezanson.

Ken Crandell made the suggestion to change the outline of the meeting to include a discussion of the idea of an internal search for the new Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs proposed by Chancellor Schuman.  Joe Timmerman seconded the motion.

II. Emergency capital request

Lowell Rasmussen reported that there might be an emergency capital request of the Legislature this year, and the request put forth by Morris will be funds to add sprinkler systems in the Residence Halls.  An option would be to consider UMM's  Mall area the "Heritage District," similar to the Knoll Area on the Twin Cities Campus, where the focus would be to preserve the historic buildings.  This would include the three dorms on the Mall.

There are three options in funding the sprinkler systems:

1.)  Charge students $50/semester/year for 6 years = $400,000 and ask the legislature for $2,000,000 for the legislature.

2.)  Charge students $50/semester for 20 years = $1,200,000 and ask the legislature for 1,200,000 (50-50 match).

3.)  Charge students $50/semester/year for 6 years = $400,000, use the apartment reserves = $800,000 and ask the legislature for $1,200,000 for "Heritage District" (50-50- match).

Dave Aronson explained that last spring all campuses were told to get estimates to bring their buildings up to code.  The University was offering a loan at 6% to assist with the costs.  Joe Timmerman questioned the impact of the $50 charge to students, while Dave Aronson admitted that the money would be going to something that the students would not notice.  A drop in occupancy could result from increasing rates and would therefore affect the amount of money.

Margaret Kuchenreuther opts for option #1 considering it is an "emergency", providing negotiating room if the legislature offers less money.  Mary Elizabeth Bezanson questions how the other two large dorm halls would be included in the "Heritage District" idea.  Lowell Rasmussen explains that it would be within proposal #3 that all dorms would be included.  Rasmussen explains that the emergency capital request will involve option #1 while option #3 would be presented with the larger capital request in 2002.  Lowell Rasmussen will recap at the next meeting.

III. Campus Climate

Bryan Herrmann made the suggestion to discuss possible people they would like to invite to the next meeting about Campus Climate.  Maddy Maxeiner proposed dividing up the issue into several areas:  recreation, diversity, friction spots, building community, and celebrations and traditions.

Prince Amattoe and Bryan Herrmann could discuss with MCSA different issues and then report back to CRPC.  Margaret Kuchenreuther suggested asking for information such as the Campus of Difference committee minutes.  Mary Elizabeth Bezanson suggested examining the Granger reports.  James VanAlstine suggested focusing on the University coupling and working with local businesses.

IV. Internal Search for Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs

Bryan Herrmann began the discussion by arguing that an internal search is a good idea in order to get the open positions filled and to have people in the positions who are familiar with the University.  Prince Amattoe also agreed that it was a good idea and that it can show the faculty and staff that there is opportunity for promotion within the University.  Amattoe also discussed the UR's concern over creating diversity within the University and not being able to do that as well with an internal search.

Joe Timmerman argued that an external search would not exclude anyone from within the campus.  Margaret Kuchenreuther pointed out that, if the position criteria were written as they had been in the past, an external search would exclude Sandy Olson-Loy because of her lack of a Ph.D.  Mary Elizabeth Bezanson doesn't believe that we are a big enough campus to promote an internal search and that if an internal search is done there should be more than one likely candidate.  Ken Crandell questions if it is simply the easy thing to do and suggests doing an external search with an opportunity for internal candidates to apply.

Joe Timmerman stated that the position could always be described in a different way in order so that Sandy Olson-Loy may be able to apply, but that we don't want to limit ourselves.

Margaret Kuchenreuther closed by saying that it seems that most are in agreement to broaden the search but, because several committee members had already left the meeting and because the issue had not been on the agenda, CRPC will not make a recommendation.  All who would like should communicate with Chancellor Schuman on an individual basis.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 am

Minutes submitted by Sara Persons