University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning Committee Minutes

October 27, 2000


Members Present:     Prince Amattoe, Ferolyn Angell, Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Ken Crandall, Pam Gades, Bryan Herrmann, Margaret
                                           Kuchenruether, Maddy Maxeiner, Annie Olson, Lowell Rasmussen, Brian Welle, Jim VanAlstine

Guest:                            Sam Schuman

Absent:                          LeAnn Dean, Joe Timmerman

(In these minutes:  Capital Request and Discussion of Campus Climate)

Capital Request Update

Rasmussen reported that based on the input received from this committee regarding the Morris Campus Emergency and Capital Request for the 2000 session, we are asking for $2,000,000 to update the residence halls.  He also gave an overview of the following 2001-2002 Capital Requests:

Campus Heritage District Requests
1.  Campus Life Safety Systems in Heritage District                              $1,860,000
Capital Request
2. Social Science Classroom Renovation and Renewal                             $5,750,000
General Campus Requests
3.  PE Center Roof Replacement                                                                              $   700,000
Self Supporting Projects
Housing -- Sprinkler Systems                                                                                 $   400,000

Total 2001-2002 Request                                                                                             $8,310,000

Crandall asked where we are in the Food Service renovation plans.  Rasmussen reported that we are currently in the process to accept bids for a food service provider and he is reluctant to make any food preparation changes until the new vendor has been determined.  Rasmussen guessed that renovations would probably exceed $2M.    Kuchenreuther asked where the HFA Phase III fits into the long-term future of UMM.  Rasmussen thought a planning committee would be formed to address those issues.  He also thought private money would be used to hire an architect.  Schuman said that money being raised now explicitly includes using the money for the planning of the building.  We need to ask who would actually use it and for what purposes.  He also noted that we are not going to get $10M from the State of Minnesota to build a community auditorium.  Kuchenreuther believes it behooves the planning committee to get broad campus consultation.  Schuman added that our theme for the next couple of bonding sessions will be renovation and restoration.  Rasmussen added that the sprinkler system are factored over a three year period.  Dave Aronson also has a revenue fund that will also contribute to the total amount.

Campus Climate

The discussion turned again to campus climate when Kuchenreuther asked the committee what they would like to address based on previous discussions.
Maxeiner mentioned recreation, diversity, building community connections. The discussion then turned to the lack of bowling alley in Morris and lack of other recreational activities and whether or not UMM could help out in some way.  Schuman added that in the foreseeable future, UMM will not get into the business of purchasing businesses downtown.   Schuman believes we are in very good shape in terms of recreation, particularly physical recreation.  We have an intramural coordinator working on a variety of programs. Kuchenreuther thinks there must be a perception that there is nothing to do on campus because students leave on the weekends.  Herrmann noted that typically freshmen go home on the weekends; upperclass usually stay.  He also thinks the games in the arcade are outdated and arenít used much especially with all the home entertainment games available.  Rasmussen asked what the students expectations are for weekend activities.  Is there a valid theory that we have to entertain them?  Angell added that we are overlooking the fact that many students have strong family ties and what to go home or they may work in their hometown.  Kuchenreuther asked how we can let our students know what going on in Morris on the weekends.  It was suggested that Rebecca Webb list events from the Morris community on the UMM website.  Perhaps the site could include whatís currently playing at the Morris Theatre.  Crandall thought that by the time top movies come to Morris, students have already seen them.  Schuman added that the college does not have an obligation to keep students here on the weekend.   He also added that many of our students spend time studying on the weekends.   Kuchenreuther asked for a report from MCSA next week and to come with potential solutions to the problems addressed.

The committee will be again Friday, November 3 at 8:00 a.m.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10.

Submitted by Carrie Grussing