University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning Committee Minutes

November 3, 2000


Members Present:         Margaret Kuchenreuther (chair), Annie Olson, Jim VanAlstine, Pam Gades, Prince Amattoe, Bryan Herrmann, LeAnn Dean,
                                                Ken Crandall, Ferolyn Angell

Absent:                              Maddy Maxeiner, Norrine Ostrowski, Lowell Rasmussen,  Bryan Welle

Guests:                               Sam Schuman, Stephen Gross and Bert Ahern

(In these minutes: Task Force Report on UMM Archived)

Meeting began at 8:05 with approval of minutes from 10/20/00 meeting. Kuchenreuther explained that next week the committee will return to the issue of campus climate, hearing especially from MCSA.

Task Force Report on UMM Archives

Kuchenreuther welcomed Ahern and Gross to the meeting and asked Ahern to give some background information on the report.

Ahern noted that as a result of a meeting with Ted Underwood, then Assistant Academic Dean for Faculty Affairs, a task force was formed to review the current status of the UMM Archives, and determine what is the basic as well as preferred profile of a campus archives. Membership of the task force included Bart Finzel (chair), Bert Ahern, Laird Barber, Fred Farrell, Karen Fischer, Sarah Hogan, Vivian Heltemes, and Nancy Mooney. Stephen Gross, current acting director of the UMM Archives and WCHRC, attended several meetings and provided assistance to the Task Force. Archivists from Carleton College, Moorhead State College and former archivist from St. Olaf College were contacted about their archives.

Ahern said the center began in 1972-73 together with the Historical Society. At that time, funding came from the historical society and the center was open about 30 hours per week. From 1981 to the present, the center has been operating on a shoestring budget. What became disturbing in the 1990ís was that the center was not doing what it set out to do and itís time for the campus to decide what do to with the current archives. Ahern believes every college needs to have its history available, we need to understand our past and understand where weíre going. He believes UMM deserves to be well documented.

Schuman added that we havenít had the personnel or physical resources to run the center right. The minimal profile would cost approximately $50,000 and thatís a very tough fiscal issue. The maximum profile would be about twice that amount. Ahern is of the opinion that this could be supported, at least to some extent, by external grants. However, that wouldnít happen by the end of this academic year. He added again there are very serious fiscal issues with this. In regard to physical space, in 3-5 years there will be a lot of space available on campus. Ahern questioned the $50,000 amount, adding that whatever amount is needed, requires reallocation or a commitment of ongoing resources.

Kuchenreuther asked for concrete examples of compelling reasons why we need to have an archives on this campus. Ahern gave examples of interviews with the original 13 faculty members, interviews with Rod Briggs and Don Spring. In addition, he believes the student experience has been very important. Gross also added that from an alumni/funding-raising perspective, the information on the West Central School of Agriculture could be used much more than it is.

Bezanson said she has never visited the archives, but as an institution, she believes we need have this. There may be times when we donít need it; however, a 100 years from now, it may be very important. In terms of CRPC, how can we find $50,000 if we donÇt know there the money is? Schuman said that if CRPC wants to see the Morris budget, they should invite the Chief Financial Officer to a future meeting and heíll outline where our money goes. Ahern asked, from the perspective of finding additional money, how do we say that archives is more important than another position? VanAlstine added that alumni contributions could possibly help, but wondered what this committee can do. Schuman responded that if this committee thinks that archives is worth it, then we need to make it a high institutional priority and think about raising money for it. Amattoe asked how other institutions within the University system currently fund their archives. Schuman responded that archives would be a line item.

Kuchenreuther thanked Gross and Ahern for making the presentation today. She does not want to feel pressed to make a recommendation today; however, the CRPC will take this under consideration. Ahern responded that his only concern is if you wait, youíve waited too long. He also asked if the committee thinks having an archives is essential to the campus or does the committee think itís secondary. Kuchenreuther thought the committee did not have enough information about the campus budget to make a decision at this time, but plans to invite the VCF to a future meeting to outline our budget. Ahern thanked the committee for their attention and thoughtful consideration.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 a.m.

Submitted by Carrie Grussing