University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning Committee Minutes

December 8, 2000

Members Present:         Margaret Kuchenreuther, Norrine Ostrowski, LeAnn Dean, Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Lowell Rasmussen, Ken Crandall,
                                                 Pam Gades, Joe Timmerman, Bryan Herrmann, Ferolyn Angell, Jim VanAlstine

Absent:                              Maddy Maxeiner, Annie Olson, Bryan Welle, Prince Amattoe

Guest:                                   John Bowers

(In these minutes: Campus technology update by John Bowers)

Kuchenreuther called meeting to order at 8:05 a.m.  Minutes of 12/1/00 approved on motion by Bezanson, second by Rasmussen.

John Bowers presented the following information regarding technology at UMM.

UMM Campus Network

o 100 mb/s fiber backbone
o DS3 internet link to Minneapolis (1999)
o All residence halls:  one port per pillow, wired since 1995, fully switched
 since summer 2000
o All buildings and offices, 10 mb/s switched
o 52 digital dial-in modem lines (upgrade from 37 analog lines, fall 2000)

Labs & Technology Fee

o $52.50/semester:  One of the lowest student technology fees in the U of M system
o All projects must provide direct, visible benefits to students; allocations are made
 by UMM student government
o Six public labs, 120 networked computers, mixed Windows/Mac; 7th lab in new
 Science, fall 2001
o Specialized labs:  Math, Language Teaching Center
o Proposed:  CSci, Statistics, Media/Fine Arts
o Free printing

Other Technology Highlights

o Peoplesoft, CUFS, Student One Stop, and local administrative systems
o Faculty computer replacement (1999)
o Instructional Technology Institute
o UMMís Web site
o UMM ranking in top 25 "Most Wired Colleges" by Yahoo/Internet Life magazine,
 April 2000

Top Challenges for 2000-2001

o Event scheduling, Resource 25, event information online. An adhoc group has been formed to deal with how events are scheduled on campus.
o Management and strategic planning for computer labs and classrooms on campus.  This was brought into focus with the Science Building renovation.  Bowers noted that if we double the amount of computers on campus, the student technology fee will not be enough to cover the replacement costs.
o Network Minneapolis link; downtime due to fiber cuts, single point of failure

Another Top Challenge

o Improve printing in Computing Services labs
o Replace draft printers with laser printers in five labs
o Use U Card value stripe to pay for printing; greatly reduce price per page
o Reduce waste of paper and supplies; and eliminate frustration with low-quality printers
o Offer photocopying and other services on U card value stripe too

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 a.m.

Submitted by Carrie Grussing