University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning Committee Minutes

January 25, 2001

Members Present:         Margaret Kuchenreuther, LeAnn Dean, Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Lowell Rasmussen, Bryan Herrmann, Pam Gades, Joe Timmerman,
                                               Ken Crandall, Jim VanAlstine, Ferolyn Angell, Prince Amattoe,
                                               Maddy Maxeiner

Absent:                              Norrine Ostrowski, Annie Olson, Bryan Welle,

(In these minutes: Capital Request Update, discussion on administrative separation of Media Services from Briggs Library, and CRPC priorities for spring)

Kuchenreuther called meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.  Minutes of 12/8/00 approved on motion by Bezanson, second by Angell.

Capital Request

Rasmussen distributed a draft of the Capital Request as outlined below:

Heritage District Renovation and Renewal:
1.  Social Science Renovation and Renewal                                      $5,800,000
2.  Edson Hall Renovation                                                                            $   400,000
3.  Camden Masonry Restoration                                                              $   300,000
Campus Renovation and Renewal
1.  PE Center Roof Replacement                                                                 $   700,000
2.  Greenspace/Grounds Renovation                                                        $   200,000
   Subtotal                                                                                                                $7,200,000

1. Sprinkler/Fire Life Safety Systems
Spooner Hall                                                                                                          $     90,000
Pine Hall                                                                                                                  $   200,000
Gay Hall                                                                                                                  $   500,000
Food Service Building                                                                                      $   180,000
2. Access
Library/Student Center Access                                                                   $   250,000
Food Services Building                                                                                    $   200,000
Camden                                                                                                                      $     50,000
3. Air Quality
Behmler                                                                                                                     $   250,000
Community Services                                                                                           $   150,000
PE Center                                                                                                                   $   100,000
   Subtotal                                                                                                                  $1,970,000
                                                                                                                           Total  $9,370,000

Rasmussen welcomed comments/concerns from committee members, especially if serious areas were omitted.  Motion by Herrmann to support UMMís Capital Request, second by Amattoe.

Media Services and Restructuring

Kuchenreuther noted that Nancy Carpenter has asked the CRPC to examine the proposed reorganization of the reporting line for Media Services and report  back to her the outcome of the discussion.  Currently, Media Services is under the umbrella of the Library and Roger Boleman reports to the Director of the Library.  For comparative purposes, the Director of Computing Services reports directly to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean.   Carpenter has consulted with many parties about this proposition and all feedback has been uniformly positive.  In addition, the Academic Support Services Committee has discussed the issue and unanimously supports the separation.

Crandall expressed his concern about adding an additional reporting line to the Dean and he believes that CRPC needs to look at the organizational structure of the campus.  Bezanson asked if Media Services and Computing Services offer the same types of service to the campus.  Gades reported that the two offices are becoming increasing intertwined and some areas overlap; however, both are fighting to keep their areas separate.  VanAlstine thought the committee should accept the proposal as long as no net increase in resource demands was made.  He suggested CRPC meet with the new Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean to express concerns about coordinating information services.

Kuchenreuther will report to Carpenter that CRPC is not opposed to the restructure, but the committee is concerned about the coordination of  communications and technology services on the campus and about the potential for the separation of these units to increase resource needs.

Possible Priorities for Spring Semester

o  Mike Korth, as chair of Curriculum Committee, has asked CRPC to address the potential resource implications regarding the establishment of distinct disciplines for Stats and Anthropology.  Bezanson also thought Womenís Study major should be included in the resource implication discussion.
o UMM Archives
o Invite Gary Strei address the committee again, possibly sometime in early March
o Discuss how UMM can obtain more resources
o Visibility of UMM
o Scheme involving UMM, the U of M, and public TV for western MN
o Invite John Printz to give enrollment  and retention report

Kuchenreuther asked the committee to communicate via e-mail two ideas they would like the committee to address.

Meeting adjourned at 9:55 a.m.

Submitted by Carrie Grussing