University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning Committee Minutes

February 1, 2001


Members Present:             Margaret Kuchenreuther, Lowell Rasmussen, Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Bryan Herrmann, Ferolyn Angell, Jim VanAlstine,
                                                   Maddy Maxeiner, LeAnn Dean, Pam Gades, Prince Amattoe, Joe Timmerman

Absent:                                  Annie Olson, Bryan Welle, Norrine Ostrowski

Guests:                                  John Anderson, Engin Sungur

(In these minutes: discussion of resource issues related to establishment of Statistics major, possible discussion items for spring semester)

Kuchenreuther called meeting to order at 9:05 a.m. Minutes of 1/25/01 approved on motion by Herrmann, second by Bezanson.

Proposal of Statistics Major

Anderson and Sungur were present to answer any questions the committee might have about the establishment of a Statistics major.  Statistics has been an area of concentration but would now become an official major.

Angell asked if they would have a close association with the Social Science Division.  Sungur commented that there are already very close connections.  Herrmann wondered if additional faculty would need to be hired.  Anderson noted that there is currently a search for a tenure track position.   Sungur added they don't believe it should grow any more than three faculty. Angell also asked if additional support staff is needed.  Both Anderson and Sungur do not see any particular increased need.

Rasmussen asked if the renovation of the Science building will provide the programmatic needs they need.  Sungur noted they have already discussed this and is already in the planning.

Kuchenreuther asked if they are prepared for the demands.  Anderson said they were prepared and they believe the minors in Statistics will increase quickly.   Kuchenreuther also asked if there is a need for Stats consulting.  Sungur replied they are already doing consulting and that there is definitely a need.

Angell asked if the Stats software package has already been budgeted for.  Sungur replied they already have most of the packages we need.  Anderson added that most introductory courses use free software.  They are trying to move upper level courses to free software as well.  Angell also asked if the math discipline is willing to let go and if can we assume math won't need additional money.  The Math division has already given its blessing.

Bezanson expressed concern about lack of faculty hired in Women's Studies compared to other disciplines.  Some disciplines may have additional resource needs and she suggests CRPC take up this issue.  She also added that changes in the State Mandate for licensure of teachers, will have an effect on several areas and this may be a resource topic before the end of the year.

Kuchenreuther asked if the committee should talk about interdisciplinary studies at some point; perhaps waiting until next year and then meet with the new VCAA.

VanAlstine moved to support the Statistics major with the understanding it will be cost neutral to UMM, second by Herrmann.

Possible discussion items for spring semester

o visibility
o resources
o invite John Printz for enrollment projection update
o invite Gary Strei back
o invite Maggie Dylla to discuss graduation ceremony

Meeting adjourned at 9:55 a.m.

Submitted by Carrie Grussing