University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning Committee Minutes

March 1, 2001

Members Present:     Margaret  Kuchenreuther, Ferolyn Angell, Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Bryan Herrmann, LeAnn Dean, Lowell Rasmussen, Ken Crandall, Jim
                                           VanAlstine, Joe Timmerman , Maddy Maxeiner

Absent:                         Norrine Ostrowski, Annie Olson, Pam Gades, Prince Amattoe, Andre Chouravong

Guests:                          Sam Schuman, John Printz, Scott Hagg

(In these minutes:  discussion about enrollment at UMM and ideas for improving UMM's visibility and the resources needed)

Kuchenreuther called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m. and thanked Printz  and Hagg for attending.   An overhead presentation included the following information:


o Review progress in meeting enrollment goals
o Evaluate the adequacy of resources to meet those goals
o Discuss other ingredients critical to the success of the UMM admissions program

Enrollment Goals

                                                Fall 2001                                 Fall 2000

    Total                                        1874                                       1842
    Continuing                            1244                                       1211
    Non-degree                               50                                            63
    Transfer                                       90                                            94
    Freshmen                                 490                                           474

Printz noted they expect enrollment to grow in the new two years.  Timmerman asked if we are staying at the 1874 mark.  Printz said they will continue to admit students.  Bezanson asked how many of the 1874 were on probation.  Hagg said the Admissions Office has stopped admitting students conditionally.  That function belongs to the Scholastic Committee.  PSEOA students are, however, admitted on a semester to semester basis because they  need a 2.0 or better to re-enroll the following semester.

Kuchenreuther asked what accounts for our ability to retain students.  Printz said they were concerned about the number of students not returning spring semester.  His office has done some background work and there are various reasons.  He said we need to do a better job on retention.  When he was hired, his number one focus at that time was recruitment; next was financial aid, and now retention.  He also noted that retention is not just an admissions job, everyone needs to be involved.  Schuman added our retention is very important and believes in the final analysis, retention is more important than recruitment.

Admissions Funnel 2000-2001

Prospects             41,269
Inquirers             14,444
Applicants           1,122
Offers                          993
Confirms                    536

NHS Application Comparison 1999-2001 as of February 23

                                                       1999                          2000                           2001

Applications                           728                            842                              1029
Offers                                           553                           647                                849
Confirmations                         118                           158                                252

The Awareness Pyramid

Top of Mind
Brand Recall
Brand Recognition
Unaware of Brand

College Choice Factors

o Personal attention (students want to know they are important and special)
o Curb appeal (the campus looked like they thought it should look and feel)
o Fit (students saw students like them and they left comfortable that they would fit in the campus community)

UMTC Office of Admissions Budget

FY 92  $1,700,000
FY 00  $4,900,000

UMTC Freshman Applicants from MN--Percent Change from 1992

1992    0%
1993    2%
1994    2%
1995    9%
1996  13%
1997  18%
1998  29%
1999  58%

NHS Five-Year Averages for Applications, Offers, and Confirmations by the First of the Month

                                        Applications                              Offers                                      Confirmations

January                       433   (637)                                      203   (473)                                     39   (75)
February                    665   (896)                                      385   (716)                                     96   (195)
March                         848   (1040)                                    571   (852)                                  162   (252)
April                           994   786  254
May                           1046   864  401
June                            1079   905  453
July                            1107   965  490
August                      1125   986  507

Numbers Needed
to meet   1122   993  536
Enrollment goal
for Fall 2001 of
490 NHS students

Unmet Needs

Radio Advertisement             $25,000
Telequalifying                            $33,000
Receptions                                     $15,000
Telecounseling                             $20,000
Equipment                                      $17,500
Photography                                $25,000

Necessary Ingredients

o Increase UMM visibility
o Build scholarship fund
o Improve athletic programs

Meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

Submitted by Carrie Grussing