University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning Committee Minutes

March 8, 2001

Members Present:         Margaret Kuchenreuther, Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, LeAnn Dean, Lowell Rasmussen, Jim VanAlstine, Prince Amattoe, Ferolyn Angell,
                                               Maddy  Maxeiner, Andre Chouravong

Absent:                              Ken Crandall, Bryan Herrmann, Norrine Ostrowski, Pam Gades, Joe Timmerman, Annie Olson
Guests:                              Bart Finzel, Steven Gross

(In these minutes:  Support of Anthropology major and discussion about UMM Archives)

Kuchenreuther called meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.  Minutes of 2/22/01 and 3/1/01 were approved on a motion by Angell, second by Bezanson.

Anthropology Major

Kuchenreuther reported she met with the Chancellor  regarding the Anthropology major.  He supports Anthropology and has made a commitment to make the current P&A position into a tenure line position.  Bezanson responded with asking where is the Women's Studies full time tenure line position and believes there is no systematic way to lobby this and is troubled that no one else thinks it's a problem.  Kuchenreuther said the committee seeking to establish the Women's Studies major should have addressed it when the major was approved.   Angell asked what role CRPC plays and perhaps this should be on our agenda.  VanAlstine suggested person or persons concerned should form a voice and bring it forward to CRPC.  Maxeiner recalled as part of the case for Women's Studies, the program didn't need any new resources.  Bezanson said every case claims they don't need more money and doesn't believe they are as cost neutral as they say.   Bezanson made a motion for CRPC to support the plan to have Anthropology become a major, second by Amattoe.  One abstention by Angell.

UMM Archives

Kuchenreuther thanked Gross and Finzel for attending meeting and reminded the committee that Bart chaired the Archives Task Force and Gross is currently the director of the Archives.

Rasmussen indicated the current location of the archives (in the tunnel between the Student Center and the Science Building) is short on space and ideally would like to double or triple their space.  This becomes problematic and is impacted by pedestrian needs down the road.  He noted once renovations are made in Camden, the building will become valuable property and may be a good location for the archives.  He also noted the Food Services building could potentially open up some new space; however, that doesn't work within the timelines.  Maxeiner asked what the long-term plan is for both Camden Hall and Community Services.   Rasmussen said they plan to preserve Camden by taking care of code issues and making it an asset to this campus.    The master plan suggested the Community Services building could be used for external audiences.

Gross noted that as part of the vision for the archives, it would be able to serve the campus and the larger community.  Finzel added that archives generally attract two difference audiences; archives are used internally and historical info is used externally.

Kuchenreuther passed along a concern from Bryan Herrmann, who was unable to attend today.  He doesn't think the archives should be located in a basement in the event we would have flooding.   Angell asked how long they can wait before they have to move.  Gross said they have enough source space right now but they need work space.

Kuchenreuther said the committee will make it a point to finish the archives discussion in two weeks and asked the committee to be prepared to make a recommendation to the Chancellor.

Agenda for next week:

Kuchenreuther handed out materials she received from Roger McCannon regarding GenEd Web.  Kuchenreuther added there are pretty serious concerns; the costs are fixed and revenue is questionable.

Meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

Submitted by Carrie Grussing