University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning Committee Minutes

April 26, 2001

Present: Margaret Kuchenreuther, LeAnn Dean, Jim VanAlstine, Prince Amattoe, Maddy Maxeiner, Bryan Herrmann, Annie Olson,
               Ken Crandall, Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Pam Gades, Ferolyn Angell, Lowell Rasmussen

Absent: Norrine Ostrowski, Andre Chouravong, Joe Timmerman

Guest:   Sam Schuman

(In these minutes: discussion of final committee report, priorities and long range planning)

Kuchenreuther called meeting to order at 9:05 a.m. and handed out draft of Annual Report for this committee. She would like the committee to look at items discussed this year especially units requiring additional resources, continue the discussion from last week and move ahead to talk about long range planning. She asked if the Chancellor wanted to comment. Schuman noted we should take a careful look around and assess what is happening nationally regarding higher education funding and setting of priorities. He believes the state is thriving economically, however, the University continues to lose in its relative funding position. He added we have never been an institution that was overly funded. The process has been to ask for many things and see what we get. VanAlstine asked if Schuman thinks the legislature will micromanage institutions. Schuman believes the legislature will say we will give you more, but there will be strings attached. If the legislature looks at quality, it will not hurt us. VanAlstine is concerned about the attitude that small isn't important. Schuman said the legislature knows they just spent $40 million dollars on UMM and believes our planning enterprises will be very crucial. Maxeiner asked what action Kuchenreuther wants from the committee today. Kuchenreuther stated the Chancellor has asked the committee to prioritize the issues we have heard and wants to know what the committee thinks.

Kuchenreuther mentioned that much of the last meeting was devoted to a lament that CRPC doesn't do any long-range planning and asked the committee to discuss ways to make the committee operate in such a way that it can do the planning it needs to do.  Angell stated there hasn't been enough time to talk about the information the committee has received this year. She added the committee has received programmed information but there has not been enough time to ask our own questions. Kuchenreuther noted that the committee could go back to the subcommittee structure, though she was not convinced that it had been all that successful in the past. Schuman suggested the committee could have longer meetings, but not as frequently. Angell added she thinks the committee should begin the year with a mini-retreat. VanAlstine suggested a joint meeting with the Executive Committee, Consultative Committee, and top administrators to lay out the issues and provide background, thus allowing committees to hit the ground running. Angell believes it would be ideal to do what VanAlstine suggested, but she believes a mini-retreat would be necessary for this committee to set our agenda. Herrmann added that the first two week of school are extremely hectic for students, and perhaps the third week into the year might be a better time or the week before orientation.  Bezanson noted we should be very cautious scheduling meetings during non-working hours taking into account the constraints of those people who may be unlike ourselves.

Kuchenreuther asked the committee to address initiatives requiring resources. Angell suggested that we need to improve visibility and our allocation of resources to Fund development, University Relations and Alumni Relations. Maxeiner asked the committee to keep in mind integrated marketing. Schuman reinforced what Maxeiner stated:  we need to figure out who we need to be visible to and how things like MPR, Pioneer Public TV and billboards contribute to our marketing strategy. Maxeiner added CRPC could be enormously helpful if the committee decides to endorse this as a very high priority. Not only would give a sense of vision and order, but this is an investment in UMM. Angell asked what CRPC's role is in the event we have no money.

Kuchenreuther asked the committee to think about whether visibility and marketing of UMM should be the most important priority, so that we can continue the discussion, and make a recommendation at the next meeting.