University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee Minutes

September 11, 2001

Members Present:    Margaret Kuchenreuther (chair), Annie Olson, Jim VanAlstine, Pam Gades, Prince Amattoe, Kevin Ely, LeAnn Dean,
                                    Ken Crandall, Ferolyn Angell, Lowell Rasmussen, Maddy Maxeiner, Clare Strand, Ken Hodgson

Absent:                      Dennis Templeman, Trish Welte

Guests:                      Sam Schuman

(In these minutes: Capital Request Update and CRPC work plan for the year)

The meeting began with a welcome from Kuchenreuther and a round of introductions. Kuchenreuther read from the UMM by-laws reminding the committee of its charge. The committee agreed to meet every other week at 8:00 a.m.

Capital Request

Rasmussen distributed a copy of the 2001-2005 Capital Request as outlined below and gave a brief summary of the items listed.

2002 Heritage District

1. Social Science Classroom Renovation                $8,000,000
2. Mall Building Sprinklers                                            900,000

1. Life/Safety
Food Service Sprinklers                                                160,000
2.  Infrastructure
Chilled Water/PE Center                                             150,000
3.  Building Systems
PE Center Roof Replacement                                      700,000
Camden Masonry Restoration                                    475,000
LaFave House                                                                  50,000
Campus Electrical                                                          100,000
4.  Access
Library/Student Center                                               250,000
Food Service Building                                                   200,000
Camden Access                                                             100,000
5.  Air Quality
Behmler HVAC                                                             250,000
Community Services                                                    160,000
1.  Campuswide                                                             300,000
2.  Food Service                                                            1,000,000

Crandall asked why the PE Center wasn't listed under air quality? Rasmussen said the project is not funded through HEAPR and noted we've already spent about $40,000 to clean the ducts in the PE Center. Kuchenreuther asked if the track record on HEAPR funding has been favorable. Rasmussen said it has not, that we need to negotiate. Schuman said its an interesting negotiation, they seem to move us as far down as possible and we then have to work our way up the ladder. He hopes the legislators will visit UMM so we can give them a tour of the Social Science building. Kuchenreuther asked if it is appropriate for members of this committee to join the legislators when they visit. Schuman said they are usually interested in talking to the faculty and students who actually occupy the building. Rasmussen also noted that the exterior design standards (sidewalks, lighting, etc.) will be presented to Regents Facilities Committee in January and he may ask for input from the committee at a later date. Schuman mentioned the status of the elementary school. Angell said it's essential that the community and UMM be talking to each other to determine what we want to do, especially with respect to arts/performance space that may be recommended as an alternative use for the current Morris Elementary School if it moves to a new location. Rasmussen suggested HFA Phase III meet again to discuss this situation. He also added that an energy/conservation task force has been created to examine ways that UMM can save energy. VanAlstine said that many years ago there was talk about using an incinerator to generate energy. Rasmussen said anything is possible and that a consultant has been hired to look at everything on this campus.

Priorities for the year

Kuchenreuther said at the top of the list is the need for a new strategic three year plan and wondered if the plan is mandated system wide or for our own use. Schuman said is it not mandated by the system; however, it is very useful in dealing with mandates as they arise. He sees this as comprehensive and suggests keeping down the number of goals so it is realistic to use or do. Kuchenreuther asked the committee to look broadly at the plan and indicate were we need more information. Strand mentioned that the Twin Cities has a Retention Task Force and are moving fast and furious to improve retention. She thinks UMM needs a retention task force. Schuman believes John Schwaller and John Printz are looking at this. Schuman also said we have got to figure out a way to determine how we are doing; for example, does sponsorship of MPR help? does the billboard help?

The committee would like to continue to discuss communication, visibility, resources and retention.

Adjourned at 9:30 a.m.