University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee

November 20, 2001



Members Present: Margaret Kuchenreuther (chair), Prince Amattoe, LeAnn Dean, Ken Crandall, Kevin Ely, Lowell Rasmussen, Jim VanAlstine, Pam Gades, Ferolyn Angell, Ken Hodgson, Dennis Templeman

Absent: Trish Welte, Annie Olson, Clare Strand



(In these minutes: discussion on proposal to create a budget planning subcommittee, continued discussion of strategic three year plan)


Minutes of 11/6/01 approved as amended on motion by Amattoe, second by Ely.

Kuchenreuther asked the committee how they wanted to approach the two issues before them today. Committee members agreed to summarized minutes without attribution.

Budget subcommittee proposal

One member said the invitation to form a budget subcommittee is an opportunity because we have been frustrated by the budget process. This might help unit heads feel that their needs have been heard. There is a perception that under the present system assertive personalities get the budgets they want.

Another member expressed concern that subcommittee members would spend too much time listening to people plead their cases; everyone could make a great case on their own behalf. It could be a good idea, but who has an extra 40 hours a week to commit to this?

A member thought Schuman's initial proposal was for us to learn more about the budget. Why does it seem so difficult to get budget information? This committee should be informed early in the year about the budget. Why can't CRPC review a monthly budget update in sufficient detail that would allow us to become knowledgeable Perhaps the committee should meet with the Vice-Chancellor for Finance more often.

Concern was expressed about the committee spending huge amounts of time on this with almost a certainty that we would not be listened to. The budget should be constructed by Vice-Chancellor for Finance in consultation with Chancellor and other Vice-Chancellors. It seems more appropriate for this committee to have an advisory role in the budget planning process by 1) understanding the budget governing process and 2) consultation with the Vice-Chancellor for Finance to discuss proposed budget. We don't need to know all the details because it is not our job to determine budget and we should not be making these decisions. We cannot become a substitute for the Vice-Chancellor for Finance.

A member asked if it is the role of CRPC to hold people accountable.

Another member pointed out that this committee is under the assumption that our current Vice-Chancellor for Finance has access to all budget information at any given time and that simply is not true. There are limitations due to the design of a system that handles so many budgets. The same member also pointed out UMM can't build a base budget until the legislature meets. One could make some assumptions but then there's the possibility the initial budget would have to be entirely redone.

A sentiment was voiced that the Vice-Chancellor should not spend all of his/her time on bookkeeping or jockey dollars around to try to reconcile the numbers, but instead should be taking a longer, more strategic view. It should fall to the Vice-Chancellor's staff to do the former.

Committee agreed the chair would send the chancellor a response to his proposal, declining the offer to form a budget subcommittee and suggesting alternatives for improving communication about the budget between CRPC and the administration (attached).

Draft of Strategic Three-Year Plan

One member thought it was upsetting that the chancellor thought the committee was dictating the workload for the administration. It was never the intent of the committee to tell the administration how to do their job.

The committee discussed wording of the goals and objectives. The discussion centered on ways to improve UMM's national and regional visibility. CRPC will consult with the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellors and appropriate offices before the plan is brought to Assembly.

The committee agreed to meet on Tuesday, November 27 to continue discussion of strategic plan.


Meeting adjourned at 9:40 a.m.