University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee

November 27, 2001



Members Present: Margaret Kuchenreuther (chair), Prince Amattoe, LeAnn Dean, Ken Crandall, Kevin Ely, Jim VanAlstine, Trish Welte, Annie Olson, Ferolyn Angell, Ken Hodgson, Dennis Templeman, Maddy Maxeiner

Absent: Pam Gades, Clare Strand, Lowell Rasmussen

Guests: Sam Schuman, John F. Schwaller


(A special meeting of CRPC to continue discussion of strategic three-year plan.)

The committee discussed wording of goals and objectives. Discussion focused on ways to increase UMM's resource base and ways to strengthen the UMM community.

The agenda for next meeting will be further discussion of the plan, with the hope of finalizing it so that it can be distributed to the administration for comment before taking it to Assembly in February.