University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning Committee Minutes

April 5, 2002

Members Present:    Margaret Kuchenreuther (chair), Ferolyn Angell, Kevin Ely, LeAnn Dean, Ken Crandall,
                                    Maddy Maxeiner, Jim VanAlstine, Trish Welte, Phoebe Trepp, Lowell Rasmussen, Clare Strand,
                                    Cendy Gonzalez

Absent:                      Ken Hodgson, Pam Gades, Dennis Templeman

Guests:                       Sam Schuman

(In these minutes: space during Social Science renovation; 2003-2007 Budget Preview, UMM Archives update; implementation of 3-year plan)

Minutes of 2/22/02 approved on a motion by Kuchenreuther, second by Welte.

Minutes of 3/21/02 approved on a motion by Angell, second by Ely.

Swing space for Social Science Renovation

Rasmussen distributed a proposed timeline and alternative classroom space as outlined below:

Best Case:                                                                           Realistic:
Architect selection start by May 1                                  Architect selection start by June 1
Architect appointed by July 1                                         Architect appointed by August 1
Program committee completes work by Sept. 1         Program committee completes work by Dec. 1
Schematics approved by Regents in Oct.                      Schematics approved by Regents in Jan.
Construction drawings complete by Nov.                  Construction drawings complete by March 1
Bid by Dec. 1                                                                      Bid April 1
Award by Jan. 1                                                                Award May 1
Demolition starts Jan. 1                                                   Demolition starts June 1
Building back online in Fall 2004                                    Building back online in Spring 2005

Proposed Alternative Classrooms
Existing Social Science Room:                                         Alternative spaces:
Cow Palace                                                                        Edson
124                                                                                       East Sci 2190
130                                                                                       Com Serv 134
136                                                                                       Com Serv 132
236                                                                                       HFA 185
237                                                                                       Com Serv 128
245                                                                                       HFA 6
23                                                                                         Humanities Lounge
45                                                                                         MRC 10

Social Science faculty would be moved to west annex and temporary offices in Community Services.  Animal labs would be moved to north wing (old Duplicating rooms) in Community Services.  Program Committee would need to meet throughout the summer months.  CPRC would approve plans in Fall 2002.

2003-2007 Budget Preview

Rasmussen distributed a copy of the FY 2003-2007 Capital Request and noted that the 2004 capital request requires 1/6 funding from all campuses.  He expects reduced requests in capital bonding and more HEAPR requests.  HEAPR is code-related and does not require 1/6 funding.  Dean said the 1/6 funding requirement would put the Library in a bit of a dilemma.  Rasmussen added that the Library has its own unique set of problems because we can't take the building off-line.  Rasmussen also pointed out the Community School District portion of the budget that involved the Morris schools and a joint heating/cooling facility along with a joint football field.   Kevin Ely thinks we should think about ways to build campus/community relations.  Schuman added that if the land swap deal between UMM and the school district goes through, we would get the land that the elementary school is on, but we will not take the elementary building under any circumstances.

UMM Archives Update

Rasmussen reported that the UMM Archives, as it exists, does not have enough space or resources.  There have been discussions with the Stevens County Historical Society, and we have discussed leasing space in the renovated Historical Society for our archives.  We will need to decide if we want to maintain the archives in the same space.

Suggested Implementation Strategies for 3-year Plan

Angell asked if the committee wants to consult with individual units.  She thinks it may be useful to say here's our plan, what would help you achieve these goals?    Strand wondered if we could justify the cost of reproducing the strategic plan and then distribute it to everyone on campus.   VanAlstine believes it is reasonable to ask units to study the plan, but he doesn't think the committee should ask units to send their goals to the committee.   Crandall added he is not ready to open up this discussion to the entire campus because he's not sure this committee has been asked to determine implementation strategies.   He thinks the direction should come from the administration, not this committee.  Kuchenreuther thinks CRPC can play a role by communicating with directors the goals and objectives and have them report back to the committee.  Rasmussen would prefer to have administrators define the responsibilities and have units report their progress.  Schuman added he was inclined to ask units to prioritize their goals for the next three years, like the plan is now.  VanAlstine suggested that this committee could ask the administration to decide who is responsible for various goals.  This committee could then forward those suggested implementation strategies along with a copy of the strategic plan to appropriate units who have accepted responsibility for the goals mentioned, thus establishing a dialog between units and this committee.   Schuman suggested having this done by the first meeting in the fall.  Grussing will remind the chancellor and vice chancellors that they need to do this.    Schuman does believe the committee should send out a nice copy of the plan.  Kuchenreuther will write a cover letter that will be sent out with the plan.

Adjourned at 4:15 p.m.