University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning Committee

September 26, 2002

Members Present:   Jim VanAlstine (chair), Ken Hodgson, Maddy Maxeiner, Ken Crandall, LeAnn Dean, Jackie Thorvaldson,
                                   Amy Ackerman, Lowell Rasmussen, Andy Lopez, Jeff Xiong, Dennis Templeman, Ferolyn Angell,
                                   Carol McCannon, Shaun Hainey

Absent:                     Clare Strand

Guests:                      Sam Schuman, John F. Schwaller, Tap Payne

(In these minutes: proposal to rename Proscenium Theatre, rebuilding mall stage, background information on UMM Communications Audit, and review of Three Year Plan and implementation issues)

The meeting began with a welcome from VanAlstine and a round of introductions.

Minutes of May 2, 2002 approved on a motion by Crandall, second by Hodgson.

Meeting Schedule for fall semester:

October 3 at 1:00 p.m.        Location - Prairie Lounge
October 24 at 1:00 p.m.      Location - Behmler Conference Room
November 14 at 1:00 p.m. Location - Behmler Conference Room
December 5 at 1:00 p.m.     Location - Prairie Lounge
Proposal to rename Proscenium Theatre

The following proposal was presented by Tap Payne:

I would like to submit a proposal to rename the Proscenium Theatre in the HFA Building to the Raymond Lammers Theatre.

Ray Lammers joined this campus in 1962. From 1962 until 1995 he was the Discipline Coordinator for the Speech and Theatre Disciplines. Over the course of the next 33 years the one discipline became two. Ray was very much a leader in the development, growth and outstanding reputations both disciplines currently enjoy. In his career on this campus he directed over 75 plays.

He participated significantly in the design of the HFA building, and was very much involved in the creation of the outstanding theatre facilities it contains.

There is no question that Ray Lammers was a leader on the campus. He won the UMM Teacher of the Year award in 1968, and in that same year was one of the first recipients of the Horace T. Morse/Amoco Foundation Teaching Award.

I can speak for the Theatre Discipline when I say that we think it is entirely appropriate for the institution to rename the Proscenium Theatre after the man that may be most responsible for its creation, both literally and figuratively.

I am not sure precisely how to arrange for such a thing. I have spoken to the Chancellor, the Humanities Division Chair and the Vice Chancellor for Plant Services. All have agreed that this might be an appropriate move.

A committee member wondered why not name it after George Fosgate. Payne said his plan was to submit a proposal to rename the Black Box Theatre after Fogsate after this request was addressed. If CRPC prefers to rename both of them at the same time, that's fine. Hodgson asked if there was a procedure in place for this. Rasmussen said currently UMM does not have a policy in place to deal with this reqeust and suggested that this committee establish a policy. Scwhaller thought the Honors and Award Committee could consider the renaming process. VanAlstine thought it was appropriate for this committee to ask the Functions & Awards committee to draft a policy that could be adopted as campus policy and he will contact the chair of that committee. Perhaps the Functions & Awards Committee could present the proposal to this committee and ultimately it would go forward to Assembly. Maxeiner agreed to provide a list of criteria used when rooms are named after generous donors in new buildings.

Rebuilding Mall Stage Area

Rasmussen asked the committee for their input regarding rebuilding the mall stage area. At this time, we do not have handicap accessibility during the commencement ceremony. There are two options: 1) have temporary ramps with railings placed in front or 2) create a permanent concrete walkway. The permanent option would need to be done yet this fall and would cost approximately $15,000. VanAlstine asked if there were funds available. Ramussen said he already has about $10,000, but would need an additional $5,000. Lopez wondered if skaters and bikers would be a problem if a permanent walkway was created. Dean suggested trying the temporary ramps for one year to see how it works. Angell made a motion to use the temporary ramps for one year and assess if that's a good solution. Second by Lopez.

Background Information on UMM Communications Audit

Maxeiner reported that Jane Eaves and Mark Gambaiana, consultants with the institutional advancement firm of Gonser Gerber Tinker Stuhr, have been retained to help assess UMM's current communications efforts with an eye toward strengthening our overall institutional visibility--one of UMM's highest priorities. This is a cooperative project undertaken with funding support from the University of Minnesota Office of the Vice President for University Relations. The audit will survey a broad range of institutional activities--media relations, sports information, publications, special events, alumni invitations, fundraising materials, web pages, etc., to see how we got about the business of projecting ourselves outward to others. Both consultants will be on campus for a couple of days meeting with a wide range of individuals and committees, and with student groups. We expect their report and recommendations sometime toward the end of the semester. The report will include current program analysis, recommendations for improvements, and suggested timetables for implementations. Benefits we expect from this audit include: a first step toward developing stronger external identity and increasing our visibility among key audiences; better recognition of UMM among educational peer groups; more effective recruiting, increased retention, and lower costs for raising more money.

Report from Sam Schuman of UMM Goals from the Senior Administration Retreat and the University Plan, Performance and Accountability Report was deferred to a future meeting.

Review of Three Year Plan and Implementation Issues

VanAlstine asked the committee how they would like to address the implementation strategies for each of the strategic goals listed on the three year plan. He thought it might be appropriate to invite the various groups to future committee meetings. For example, he would very much like to hear from the Admissions staff. Maxeiner suggested inviting senior administrators to come in and talk about how they plan to proceed in the coming year. She would love to talk about integrating marketing group and receive feedback from the committee.

The next meeting is Thursday, October 24 at 1:00 p.m. in the Behmler Conference Room.

Meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.