University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning, Committee

December 5, 2002

Members Present:     Jim VanAlstine (chair), Lowell Rasmussen, Jackie Thorvaldson, Amy Ackerman, Clare Strand, Ken Hodgson,
                                     Maddy Maxeiner, LeAnn Dean, Andy Lopez, Ferolyn Angell, Dennis Templeman, Ken Crandall

Absent:                        Jeff Xiong, Shaun Hainey, Carol McCannon

Guests:                         Sandy Olson-Loy, Dave Aronson

(In these minutes:  announcement s from Jim VanAlstine, report from Lowell Rasmssen, Admissions)

Minutes of November 11, 2002 approved with the following correction:  The  nomination is currently under staff review at the Minnesota Historical Society pending Board approval and then Director's approval.

Announcements from Jim VanAlstine

VanAlstine reported that he, Maddy Maxeiner, Jenny Nellis, and Seung-Ho Joo have met twice to discuss creating a policy regarding naming of rooms to honor individuals on the Morris campus that would be adopted as a campus policy.  The policy would come from the Functions & Awards Committee to CRPC as an information item then to Assembly for approval.

VanAlstine asked committee members to submit their spring semester schedules to Carrie Grussing and suggested the committee meet monthly or perhaps more often.

Report from Lowell Rasmussen

Rasmussen said there was a remote possibility of 2003 bonding request to include vetoed items from 2002 request.  He guesses there will be no 2003 bill.  The 2004, 2006, and 2008 requests need to be to the Twin Cities by April 1, 2003.  Now UMM needs to also consider the results of the school district referendum in formulating our capital requests.  Dean wanted to get on record that the Library should be built as soon as possible.  Hodgson wanted to get on record that throughout the 1980's Phase III HFA was a top priority and has now been pushed aside three or four times.  It was a top priority in non-bonding year then set aside when bonding year.  There is no current performance space over 300 seats. Ackerman said the quality of the football field is very poor and needed.  Rasmussen said the Library needs 1/6 match by May 2005 if going into 2006 Capital Request; Edson needs 1/3 match by May 2005.  The results of biomass study should be ready by April.  Lopez said it is important to work as much as possible with the high school on an auditorium.  Hodgson wants UMM to add support to the auditorium.  Angell made a motion to endorse any joint district projects that benefit everyone, second by Lopez.  Motion passed.
Admissions Situation

Sam Schuman has suggested two solutions to address the Admissions situation and would like to make a decision by mid-December.

Short term:

1) hire someone like John Printz
2) hire consulting firm
3) appoint someone on campus as interim manager
4) appoint one of the senior recruiters to interim manager

Long term:

1) hire associate vice chancellor for enrollment
2) hire director or associate director of admissions
3) hire director of communications in External Relations - pr, visibility, integrated communications

Schuman would like to hear CRPC's reactions to both so he can move forward.   Crandall thought the short term plan may be too long if there will be three hirings and then hiring an administrative director later.  Hodgson thought it was critical to do something temporary right away through the end of the school year.   He also expressed concerns about future retirements, retrenchments and reallocations and for the record, believes CPRC should be consulted.  If the administration makes these decisions without any consultation, then why have a CRPC?  Strand believes we need someone to make decisions and we don't need someone to play with numbers and read e-mails.  She also wondered if we appointment someone from campus, what will they give up. VanAlstine said we have a history of doing this to people.  Thorvaldson believes we cannot stretch administrative offices any more than they already are.  Angell added that if the decision is made to have an interim manager from campus, then Sam Schuman should identify what duties will be given up and inform CRPC .   The committee appreciates the urgency of needing a short term solution to the Admissions situation.  They endorse hiring someone with experience as a director on short term basis or be consulted if any other alternatives are proposed or selected.  Crandall made a motion that CRPC be consulted before a final decision is made, either by e-mail or emergency meeting, second by Angell.  He added that it is the job of the administration to serve the needs of the university and to find someone who understands diversity, athletics, music and marketing.

Future agenda items will include review of the three year plan.