University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning, Committee

                                                                                                                 January 27, 2003

Members Present:    Jim VanAlstine (chair), Lowell Rasmussen, Jackie Thorvaldson, Amy Ackerman, Clare Strand, Ken Hodgson,
                                    Maddy  Maxeiner, LeAnn Dean, Andy Lopez, Ferolyn Angell, Ken Crandall

Absent:                      Jeff Xiong, Shaun Hainey, Carol McCannon, Dennis Templeman

Guests:                       John F. Schwaller, Gary Strei

(In these minutes:  UMM policy of naming parts of buildings; Update on Director of Communications position; Capital Requests; Update on enrollment; Update on budget)

Minutes of December 5, 2002 approved on a motion by Angell, second by Crandall.

For Information - UMM policy of naming parts of buildings

VanAlstine reported that the members of the committee should have received the Function and Awards Committee policy on naming parts of buildings.  Naming parts of buildings is under UMM control, while naming entire buildings is under all university control.  He pointed out that parts of university buildings may be named to honor one or more individuals.  Living or deceased individuals associated with the University who retired or left the service of the University may be recognized on the basis of their philanthropic activities toward UMM.  Deceased individuals may additionally be recognized for extraordinary achievements, contributions, or service to UMM.   Separate names may be given to rooms, laboratories, lecture halls, or auditoriums within a building.  The policy will be forwarded to the Executive Committee from Functions and Awards Committee for inclusion on an assembly agenda.

Update from Maddy Maxeiner on Director of Communications position and the communications audit

Maxeiner reported that Chancellor Schuman met with both CRPC and the Consultative Committee about the need for Director of Communications position.  The executive summary of the communications audit recommends the creation of a communications department which would require the additional position of Director of Communications.  The summary also recommends that the University add a graphic designer.  The Consultative Committee has requested that CRPC work on a job description; however, they will help appoint a search committee.  Maxeiner has a sample of a job description and will share that with the CRPC.   Hodgson asked where the Vice Chancellor for Finance position falls into this?  VanAlstine responded that Schuman choose not to fill that position at this time, but to fill the Director of Communications position first.  Hodgson moved that CRPC endorse this position wholeheartedly.  Angell suggested the committee create a backup plan in the event we can't hire anyone because of a hiring freeze.  VanAlstine said he would like to hear the budget update from Gary Strei and Lowell Rasmussen before the committee makes any recommendations.  Angell moved to table discussion of communications director, second by Hodgson.

Report from Lowell Rasmussen on capital requests

Rasmussen reported that the Social Science building is still on the bonding request although the House has not yet authorized a bonding bill.   Rasmussen distributed a memo from Christine Maziar and Richard Pfutzenreuther announcing the annual opportunity for units to submit new capital projects and to revisit previously submitted projects.  The University will be proceeding with its typical capital process to collect information for both the capital budget and the six-year capital improvements program, but the outcome will reflect the current budget realities faced by the institution and the State.  These capital requests should be forwarded to the Office of Budget and Finance by February 28, 2003.  Rasmussen added he needs substantial discussions with this committee on what we should submit.  VanAlstine suggested this become an agenda item for the February 17 meeting.  Lopez inquired why the Community Services Building appears to have disappeared from the list and stressed the need to have additional space for the Admissions office because they are so tight on space.  Rasmussen said nothing could be done with the Community Services Building because of the Social Science building and that perhaps it could be put on the 2008 request.  Crandall asked about office space in the PE Center because currently seven coaches share one office.  Rasmussen said they could capture currently unusable space and that this could be submitted as a HEAPR request.

Update on enrollment from Andy Lopez

Lopez reported we are currently behind on enrollment and we are gaining.  We are ahead of where we were three or four years ago, but not where we should be.  He added that things keep changing and the lack of financial aid could impact our numbers.  With two resignations in the Admissions office, the counselors are working extremely long hours and will go back on the road next week.  VanAltine asked if faculty or staff could help in anyway?  Lopez said potential students simply drop in without any notice.  He added that the division chairs and faculty have been very supportive of their efforts and Lopez is very optimistic.  VanAlstine asked if recommended staff increases would be submitted to this committee.

Update on budget from Gary Strei and vice chancellors

Strei distributed a handout outlining the state's budget problem.  For FY 2003 there is a shortfall of $356 million and the project shortfall for the next biennium is $4.2 billion.  Maxeiner distributed a handout outlining a proposed timeline for responding to the budget.  Rasmussen distributed a draft of a handout that would be sent to the administrative committee members and area managers explaining the budget reduction process.  Strand asked how the rest of the campus would be informed if you weren't in one of those two groups.  Rasmussen thought members of the administrative groups which includes department heads, would inform their respective staff.  Lopez thought this should communicated to a larger audience and perhaps a town meeting format should be scheduled for people to vent.  Strand also suggested an electronic discussion group.  Rasmussen added that because of the tight timetable, the vice chancellors have to stay focused and there might not be enough time to hold an open forum during the Phase I reduction, but there would be time during Phase II.  Schwaller added that reductions made during Phase I can be made with funds either from recurring budget funds or from one-time only funds.  On July 1, those cuts become permanent.  Angell thought Schwaller's comment should be added to the budget memo and information about an open forum.  Dean asked if employees would be impacted during this first phase or could people volunteer to take time off without pay.  Schwaller said he would need to look into whether or not we can legally change contracts.  Strand added that if hours were cut then workloads would also have to be addressed because there's a habit at UMM of doing everything and more with less staff.   Angell moved to get the memo out to admin and area managers.    Lopez wondered how to proceed with this information without creating panic.  Dean thought the memo should go to everyone on campus.  Hodgson asked for if the students input on the budget.  Ackerman wondered if we could consolidate our resource centers to save money.  Thorvaldson thought students should be kept informed through e-mail.  She added she would not want the quality of education to deteriorate. VanAlstine thought the campus community should get some information about the budget encouraging people to forward their ideas and suggestions to area managers or department heads.  He suggested sending out two messages:  one to admin and area managers and one to the entire campus.

Adjourned at 3:45 p.m.