University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning, Committee

                                                                                                                 February 3, 2003

Members Present:    Jim VanAlstine (chair), Dominique Karlsson, Ken Hodgson, Lowell Rasmussen, Maddy Maxeiner, Andy Lopez,
                                    Ken Crandall, Jackie Thorvaldson, Dennis Templeman

Absent:                      Carol McCannon, Clare Strand, Amy Ackerman, Shaun Hainey, Ferolyn Angell, LeAnn Dean

Guests:                       Jim Mootz, Gary Strei

(In these minutes:  Discussion of Admissions; Continued discussion of budget process; Budget Open Form)

Introduction of new student member Dominique Karlsson who replaces Jeffrey Xiong.

Minutes of January 27, 2003 approved on a motion by Lopez, second by Crandall.


Jim Mootz offered his thanks to the committee for inviting him to the meeting and said he was happy to be on campus.  UMM is not presently where we should be for fall 2003, but the Admissions staff is working diligently to improve those numbers.  He added that the reason there was no mention of UMM in the article in the Star & Tribune was because he had nothing good to tell the reporter.  The average ACT for fall 2003 is 25.3, last year is was 24.9; the average high school rank is 81st percentile, last year it was 82nd percentile.  Financial aid awards will go out starting March 1.  He has talked to Residential Life and housing requests have already been sent to students.  He has also spoken with the division chairs asking them to support a letter writing campaign to newly admitted students.  We are understaffed in the admissions office for what we expect of them.  He added that Andy Lopez has been very, very helpful.    VanAlstine inquired about the March 1 financial aid date and how we compare with other schools.  Mootz said that timeline is normal within the University system.  However, we're at a disadvantage because we compete with the private schools and they've already made their awards by that date.  Lopez said some of the work is done ahead of time, for example, students are told of automatic scholarships at the time of admittance.  Crandall asked if minority student scholarships have an actual deadline date.  Mootz said there was one deadline date set for publication purposes, but that would be open until the funds were exhausted.  Hodgson inquired about our average ACT of 25.3 and whether or not there is a significant pool of students in that proportion to fill our enrollment.  Mootz responded that many students who fit that profile have already been grabbed by other schools because private schools certainly want the image that they are only attracting the best.   Hodgson said he knows some students who don't even apply to UMM because they assume they will not get in.  Mootz explained that they use AAR (two times ACT + high school rank), that score is usually around 115.  Admission is not a black and white decision--they look at the classes students have taken and at their essay.  Hodgson also asked if we are approaching the breakeven point with the private colleges because they are so well endowed.  Mootz said that yes we are losing students to private colleges.  Everyone area at Morris is underfunded and understaffed.  He also added that private schools usually have an excellent lobby system.  Crandall added that he has seen an increase of students interested in football because of the switch in division and wondered if Admissions reps could be here on Saturdays to help recruit.  Mootz said the staff is already putting in 12 hour days and they can't do that six days a week.  However, he would like to have us open Saturday mornings.  Hodgson added that he appreciates everything Mootz and the Admissions staff are doing.  VanAlstine said Mootz was welcome to be an adjunct member of this committee.  Rasmussen inquired about the changes in the financial aid and wondered if the committee needs more information.  Mootz suggested Pam Engebretson attend a future meeting to address this issue.

Budget and Open Forum

Strei distributed the following budget handout:

UMM Budget - July 1, 2002 - June 30, 2003

Funds received from U of M                     $15,679,989             62%
Estimated tuition revenues                        $  9,613,464             38%

Total UMM Budget                                      $25,293,453

Major Expense Items Already Committee:

Salaries                                                          $13,903,550
Fringe Benefits                                             $  4,150,373
Sequestered Deficit                                      $     386,470
Enterprise Tax (1.25% of salaries)              $     173,800
IRS Tax (6.3% of revenues)                         $  1,600,000
SE&E Already Spent (12/31/02)                $  3,150,671

Total Expenses                                              $23,364,864

Crandall said that 55% of his budget is spent on campus and commented that he has to make cuts it ultimately affects someone else on campus.  Strei added that there could be a real negative impact on self-support departments on campus and could impact the community as well.  Crandall then wondered if there are some entities on campus that are making money and whether or not he was being overcharged.  He also asked if the vice chancellors will simply be listening today at the forum or offering ideas and what we expect from the Open Forum.  VanAlstine added that he has been asked to serve as moderator and he hopes the forum will provide information to the campus and that suggestions or comments will be made. Karlsson asked how much more it costs to operate a remodeled building on campus.  Rasmussen said the costs go up from about $3 up to $10 gross square footage.  Hodgson said he wish we had a brilliant plan to prevent us from losing students because of the budget deficit.

Adjourned at 3:45 p.m.