University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning Committee

February 10, 2003

Members Present:    Jim VanAlstine (chair), Maddy Maxeiner, LeAnn Dean, Jackie Thorvaldson, Carol McCannon, Ken Hodgson,
                                    Ken Crandall, Lowell Rasmussen, Andy Lopez, Dominique Karlsson

Absent:                      Ferolyn Angell, Dennis Templeman, Amy Ackerman, Shaun Hainey

Guests:                      Sara Haugen, Gary Strei, John F. Schwaller, Sandy Olson-Loy, Jim Mootz

(In these minutes:  Announcements from Jim VanAlstine, continued discussion of Admissions and Budget)

Minutes of February 3, 2003 approved on a motion by Lopez, second by Crandall.

Announcements from Jim VanAlstine

VanAlstine reported that Clare Strand will no longer be serving on this committee in her role as coordinator for the Commission on Women.  LeAnn Dean is a member of the Commission on Women and will serve as their representative.  The February 17 agenda will include Capital Requests and continued updates on Admissions and budget.  The February 24 agenda will include a discussion on the status of financial aid and implications for recruiting and admissions by Pam Engebretson.  VanAlstine also wants the committee to look at the strategic plan and look at where we are with the plan.  He also wants the committee to look at the staff positions that have been discussed.


Mootz presented the following information on number of applications as of today.

                                    2000         2001         2002              2003

Applications               782            951         1068                937
Enrolled                      474            480           477                480 (target)

He pointed out we are just a few numbers behind the fall of 2001 numbers.  VanAlstine mentioned the e-mail from Angell regarding our admissions procedures.  Lopez said he thinks people perceive our admissions process as being very rigid, but it's not.  Crandall asked how long the entire process takes now when a student applies.  Mootz said a decision is made within a week.


Strei reported that the vice chancellors met last week and they were able to cut the $600K from our budgets without layoffs.  They have been very pleased with the responses from the campus community.  He mentioned that Governor Pawlenty will make his announcement on February 18 for the Phase II portion.  VanAlstine asked if the vice chancellors have a sense of whether or not the cuts in the next round will be across the board.  Strei said we haven't heard yet, but his guess is the cuts will probably be across the board.  Schwaller added that Schuman's message to Bruininks will be that across the board cuts are differentially more painful for us.  Hodgson asked if we budget a certain amount for tuition revenue and if we exceed the number of students, do we keep the additional revenue.  Strei responded that yes, if tuition revenue is more than we budgeted, we get to keep it.  Olson-Loy added that we need to keep reminding ourselves that 3/4 of our student body are continuing students.  Our retention numbers are good compared to public institutions, but not as good when compared to privates.  Schwaller added that it's much cheaper to retain a student than to recruit a student.  VanAlstine asked if faculty members should be aware of this.   Dean thought the entire campus should be aware of this.  Lopez asked Rasmussen what projects would not be completed in Plant Services and Disability Services.  Rasmussen said the reroofing on the Community Services Building would be pushed back another year or two.  Schwaller said Disability Services has been building up a large reserve for anticipated needs.  Karlsson asked about the reductions in division offices.  Schwaller said most of these were purchases of equipment.  McCannon noticed that the Admissions office escaped cuts.  Strei said they are painfully aware that we are underfunded in Admissions and we couldn't ask them to cut back.   VanAlstine asked if all searches in progress will continue.  Olson-Loy mentioned that at some point she would like to talk about the AD position in athletics.  VanAlstine added that he has received little or no feedback from the Open Forum, although he did receive a few questions from tenure track faculty.  Rasmussen said the vice chancellors would welcome input from this committee on the process for Phase II.  Schwaller asked if CRPC approves of Phase I.  Hodgson made a motion to approve the Phase I proposal as presented, second by Angell.  Approved unanimously by the committee.

Adjourned at 3:00 p.m.