University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning Committee

February 17, 2003

Present:    Jim VanAlstine (chair), LeAnn Dean, Maddy Maxeiner, Jackie Thorvaldson, Lowell Rasmussen, Ken Hodgson,
                  Dominique Karlsson, Andy Lopez, Dennis Templeman

Absent:    Ken Crandall, Ferolyn Angell, Amy Ackerman, Shaun Hainey, Carol McCannon

Guests:    Fritz Schwaller, Sandy Olson-Loy

(In these minutes:  Capital Requests, continued discussion of Admissions and budget)

Minutes of February 10, 2003 approved on a motion by Hodgson, second by Karlsson.

Capital Requests

Rasmussen presented the following information:

2003/2004 Options (Off year bonding)
2003:  Social Science/Sprinkler Project:
           Amount $9 million.  Social Science exempt from 1/6 match
           Architect selection - June 03
           Bid - June 04
           Complete - June 06
                                                                                 Total Request:  $9 million

2004 Bonding Request
(Note:  if Social Science goes in 03, will try to do predesign on Library to substitute in 04)
1. Social Science/Sprinkler Project:
           Amount $9 million.  Social Science exempt from 1/6 match
           Timeline: Architect selection - June 04
           Bid - June 05
           Complete - Jan 07
2. District Facilities:  Joint football field and district biomass heating and cooling expansion.
           Amount $3 million total.  $2 million by capital request, $1 million from MAHS for 1/3 match.
           Preliminary estimate:  $2 million for football, $1 million for biomass
           Timeline:  Architect  Award - June 04
           Bid - November 04
           Complete- Fall/Winter 05
3. Sprinkler Systems.  Indy and Blakely Hall, Food Service Building
           Amount $1.5 million.  $500,000 for 1/3 match from self-support operations
           Timeline: Architect Award - June 04
           Bid - January 04
          Complete - Fall 05
                                                                                   Total Request:  $13.5 million

2006 Capital Request
1. Briggs Library - Phase 1
          Phase 1, predesign complete in 05.  Amount $6 million (1/6 =1 million)
          Bid - February 07
          Complete first floor - Fall 07
          Complete second floor - Fall 08

2. Mall Building Renovation - Phase 1
          Work on Edson, Humanities, Camden & Community Services
          Predesign complete 05 - Est. $80,000
          Amount estimated at $7 million (1/6  match=$1.3 million)
          Architect selection - July 06
          Bid - January 07
          Complete - January 08
                                                                                    Total Request:   $13 million

2008 Capital Request
1. Phase 2 Library
          Amount $3 million (1/6 = $500,000)
2. Phase 2 Mall Buildings
          Work on MRC and Education
          Amount estimate $1 million (1/3=$330,000)
3. Predesign for HFA Performance Hall
4. Physical Plant Facilities
          Removal of metal transportation building, relocation to new expansion of storage building.
          Amount estimate $3 million (1/3=$1 million)
                                                                                    Total Request:  range up to $8.5 million

VanAlstine said Crandall had looked the request and wondered if $2 million was enough to build a stadium.  Rasmussen said that it yet to be determined although Crookston built a stadium for $500,000.  He added that Harold Fahl, his predecessor, had a concept of concrete stadium type seating built into the hillside.  Hodgson asked if this could be a covered facility and whether or not corn would be an option for fuel.  Rasmussen said they were not far enough in the predesign to know if a covered facility was realistic and they will look at several alternative fuel sources.  VanAlstine asked where the 05 predesign money comes from.  Rasmussen said hopefully fundraising and reserves.  Hodgson added that it bothers him that HFA was the first priority 15 years ago and it keeps getting pushed back.  Rasmussen said the same thing happened with the Science building.  Schwaller added that the impact of the 1/6 match really hurts us and he believes this is a policy issue that needs to be readdressed.  Hodgson moved to approve the capital requests as presented, second by Lopez.


Lopez reported that 130 Presidential Scholarships were sent out to potential attendees.  The deadline is March 14 and they expect about half to respond.  He added that we are continuing to shrink the gap and right now we are about 12% behind.  There is still a lot of interest in UMM and several events have been planned for potential students, including an event at the LaFave House this week and an event at Eastcliff next week.


VanAlstine asked the committee to think about the Phase II process.  Maxeiner distributed handouts from the Regents meeting and thought this was good information to have as we begin our discussions.  President Bruininks has articulated some primary principles and strategies and she feels it's significant for the vice chancellors to stay within that framework as we begin discussions.  Hodgson asked if she sensed a push for reduction and reallocation.  Schwaller responded that Bruininks said this will not be a slash and burn--this is a strategic exercise and he wants a very deliberative process.  Schwaller added that we already have our own strategic directions.  Lopez added that historically we've done reasonable well when money has been reallocated.  He believes this is an important step for us to go through and it will sharpen our focus.  Schwaller said this will be a strategic and long range planning opportunity, a realignment and refocusing. We will need to argue each of the points and be data driven.  VanAlstine said we need to decide who is going to do what and then read the powers of the CRPC which clearly states that this falls into the lap of this committee.  Schwaller added that CRPC has to be the committee to help formulate discussion because its role really is central in helping the vice chancellors with the process.  The Consultative Committee also plays a major role and VanAlstine would like someone from that committee to attend the CRPC meetings or perhaps a joint meeting could be scheduled.  Hodgson asked if a timetable was in place.  Schwaller said at this point there wasn't one but there's a possibility the legislature may not finalize the plans until June.  At this point, it's too early to do anything and more intense discussions will begin in March.

Agenda for February 24 meeting will include:  Financial Aid discussion with Pam Engebretson, discussion of Athletic Director position with Sandy Olson-Loy, and discussion of Communications Director position with Maddy Maxeiner, and Enrollment Projections with Fritz Schwaller.

Adjourned at 3:40 p.m.