University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning Committee

February 24, 2003


Present:     Jim VanAlstine (chair), Maddy Maxeiner, Ferolyn Angell, Carol McCannon, Jackie Thorvaldson, Ken Crandall,
                   Andy Lopez, Dominique Karlsson, Amy Ackerman, Dennis Templeman

Absent:      Shaun Hainey, Ken Hodgson, Lowell Rasmussen

Guests:       Pam Engebretson, Sandy Olson-Loy, Gary Strei, Fritz Schwaller

(In these minutes:  Financial Aid, Communications Director position and Athletic Director position)

Financial Aid

Engebretson began by stating that she is anticipating a shortfall in financial aid.  VanAlstine asked how much financial aid comes from endowments and how much is centrally funded.  Engebretson said the automatic scholarships include the following:

Name                                                  Award Amount                                    Requirement
Chancellor's Scholarship                  $2,000 per year                                     top 5% of their graduating class
Dean's Scholarship                            $1,500 per year                                     top 10% of their graduating class
Founder's Scholarship                      $500 per year                                        top 20% of their graduating class

National Merit Finalist                     Four-year full tuition
National Merit Semi-Finalist           $1,000 per year
  and Commended scholars
Presidential Scholarship                   $2,000 per year                                      academic performance, leadership,
                                                                                                                              contributions to U community
President's Outstanding                   $1,000 -$3,000 per year                        superior academic record and college
Minority Scholarship                                                                                         aptitude tests scores, qualities of
                                                                                                                              leadership and creativity
Endowed Scholarships                     about $50,000 per year - UMM offers about 30-40 scholarships

Lopez asked if Engebretson had a sense of how competitive we are with scholarships to other campuses.   Engebretson said it can vary significantly from campus to campus.  Thorvaldson inquired about an e-mail that students received regarding state grants.  Engebretson said she anticipates this will affect very few students on this campus. Crandall asked how we compare with private colleges.  Engebretson said that John Printz had done some research about this while at UMM and we were losing the edge.  VanAlstine asked how the work study funding will affect UROP, MIA's and MAP's.  Engrebretson said those were not funded from the same source.  UMM will continue to get federal work study dollars and student employment will continue on this campus.  VanAlstine asked what Engebretson thought was the biggest issue facing the financial aid office with the impending budget cuts.  Engrebretson responded that costs were the biggest issue and having the resources to fulfill commitments.  VanAlstine asked Engrebetson to explain the proposal of financial aid following the student.  Engebretson said this is supposed to help students attend any college they choose and she believes this will hurt public colleges.  Fifty percent of state grant dollars go to private colleges but they don't serve as many students.  Engebretson added that award letters will be sent out this week.

Communications Director

Maxeiner distributed a current organizational chart and a proposed organizational chart based on the summary of the audit report as well as two sample job descriptions, one supplied by communications audit and one that she and the chancellor have written.  She reminded the committee that one of the outcomes of the executive summary of the communications audit was the recommendation to hire a Director of Communications that would dramatically increase UMM's visibility and bring together fractured elements into one strong program. The audit summary also suggested that all University public relations should be placed in the communications department to insure continuity of design, content, and message, including web content and design.  Karlsson added that she is currently a member of the Web Advisory Group and it seems our web presence is in disarray at this time.  The proposed organizational chart has 10.25 full time employees.  Other COPLAC schools have the following fte:  Evergreen - 20; Mary Washington - 31; St. Mary's - 24; Truman State - 23; UW Superior - 12.  VanAlstine asked what the prospects were for finding someone to fill this position.  Maxeiner reported that finding some to fit the job description supplied by the communications audit was reasonable; finding someone to fit the other description would be a little tougher.  She has in mind a $50,000 base salary plus benefits.  Crandall added that he would hate to see this position have a high turnover rate like other positions on this campus because we don't pay enough.  Lopez asked if this position would require a support person.  Maxeiner said yes and that base would be $26,000.   She also talked about upgrading the Profile publication although at this time she's not sure what direction to go or how this would be funded.  Currently, Profile goes to about 16,000 people and it should be more comparable to publications produced by our competitors.  VanAlstine commented that this position falls into our strategic three year plan and he would like to see the search committee use the job description created by Maxeiner and Schuman; however, he is concerned that the total cost could easily run into the $150,000 mark and believes that CRPC needs to look very carefully at this.  Crandall said he is also concerned about the funding and wondered about having enough funds to create the information we need to put out if this position was funded. He believes our publications across the board on the campus are terrible. Maxeiner asked if this position was a priority for this campus even with our budget dilemma?  Angell added that she believes the worse our budget gets, the more she believes we need this position, but she'd like to wait until next week to make a decision.  VanAlstine said he would also like to come back to this next week because he wants to hear more about the Athletic Director position.

Athletic Director

Olson-Loy distributed a draft position description and reported that during the current Athletic Director's review a years ago, there was some concerned expressed about the amount of work Mark Fohl was doing and one of the outcomes from the Betsy Alden athletic audit was to create a full time Athletic Director position.  She added that UMM offers 16 varsity sports and one in every five students is involved in athletics.  Nearly half of UMM's entering students played a varsity sport in high school and 1/3 were high school team captains.  As the position announcement describes:  the Athletic Director will lead planning efforts to create a model division III athletic program aligned with UMM's mission and vision.  This position would supervise a program with seven varsity sports for men and nine varsity sports for women. Angell asked about the salary.  Olson-Loy said the range would be between $50,000-$65,000.  VanAlstine asked if UMM has ever had just an AD in the past and Lopez wondered if there are enough management activities to keep this person occupied.  Olson-Loy said UMM has never had just the Athletic Director position and yes, there is enough to keep this person occupied.  VanAlstine asked if fundraising was an option to help support this position.  Olson-Loy said it could possibly help, but we are not strong enough in any sport to do that right now.  McCannon said she believes both the Communications Director and Athletic Director positions are equally valuable, but she thinks we are really poised and have the momentum right now to make a difference in our athletic program.  VanAlstine said there is yet another director position needed on this campus and that's the Director of Admissions.  Lopez will draft a job description for the committee.  VanAlstine added that personally he doesn't have a problem supporting any or all three positions, but without knowing what our budget will be for the next biennium, it's hard to know which positions if any to recommend.  He asked the committee to be prepared next week to rank the positions in priority and make a recommendation at that time.

Agenda for March 3 meeting will include:  Conclusion of director positions discussion, Enrollment Projections, Update on Admissions numbers, and Continue discussion of joint Consultative Committee and CRPC meetings.

Adjourned at 3:45 p.m.