University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning Committee

March 3, 2003


Members Present:       Jim VanAlstine (chair), Jackie Thorvaldson, Lowell Rasmussen, Andy Lopez, LeAnn Dean,
                                       Carol McCannon, Ken Crandall, Dominique Karlsson, Dennis Templeman

Absent:                         Shaun Hainey, Ken Hodgson, Ferolyn Angell, Amy Ackerman

Guests:                          Sandy Olson-Loy, Gary Strei, Fritz Schwaller

(In these minutes:  Update on Admission numbers, Director positions discussion, Enrollment Projections)

Minutes of February 24, 2003 approved on a motion by Lopez, second by McCannon.

Update on Admission numbers

Lopez reported that little by little the numbers are getting better.  At this time last year there were 271 confirms, as of today we're at 214.  Applications are still coming in and several Presidential Scholarships have been confirmed.  He added that another Eastcliff event was planned for March 4.  Thorvaldson said she is an Admissions telecounselor and she believes many prospective students are concerned about the budget.

Director Positions Discussion

Lopez distributed a position description for the Director of Admissions.  The Director of Admissions would report to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment and would be responsible for the direction and performance of UMM's admissions program.

VanAlstine noted that CRPC has been asked to consider three director level positions and asked the committee how they felt about prioritizing the positions.

Lopez believes the director of communications should be a high priority because there has been a reduction in numbers of ACT test scores being sent to UMM and he believes our campus needs more visibility.  Karlsson believes UMM would get the most overall benefit from the director of communications position by assisting the Admissions office in encouraging people to know more about UMM.  Lopez added that parts of our web page very much need improvement and he believes we need to get in tune with a new generation of students and not just continue to do things how we think they should be done.  Rasmussen said these are three important positions in areas that have been struggling for years and encouraged the committee to not make any decisions prematurely without going through the process that must take place in the next few months.  VanAlstine expressed concern about the difficulty of presenting the rationale of three new director positions to the campus community if programs or staff are to be cut.  Crandall agreed that the communications director could make an immediate impact in areas we are lacking.  He wondered if we were better off putting more recruiters on the road instead of hiring an admissions director.  He thinks it might make sense to wait until we know what's happening with the budget before hiring a director of athletics.  Lopez said he feels strongly that director of admissions is fairly important because we need to have more centralized information.  Rasmussen added that all three positions have revenue implications.  Lopez made a motion that CRPC accept all three director positions as legitimate and important positions to our campus, second by Crandall.  So moved.  VanAlstine asked if the committee was comfortable prioritizing.  Lopez stated that in his opinion the director of communications is most important, followed by a director of admissions, then the director of athletics.

Enrollment Projections

Schwaller distributed handouts outlining official fall quarter enrollment statistics and projections for 2003-2013 and enrollment management principles.  He noted that the institution is still within the structural capacity to have 2100 students.  Regarding retention and graduation rates, compared to our COPLAC peers, we are in the middle.  The Twin Cities campus has been very aggressive at increasing their five-year graduation rates and have asked us to make a prediction on where we'd like to be.  He asked the committee where they think we should be terms of enrollment.  Lopez said he would like see us get to the 2000-2100 mark a little faster and that we should challenge ourselves to do that.  He also believes we should challenge ourselves to be more competitive with scholarships.  Crandall asked if we could attract that many students with an average ACT of 25.  Lopez believes there are plenty of students that fit into that category, we just need to reach them. VanAlstine asked if we need to increase our national recruiting to increase the total number of students to 2100.  Fritz said we would indeed need more of a national presence and then asked if the committee approved of the projected enrollment figures.  Crandall made a motion to endorse the enrollment projections as presented, second by Karlsson.

Adjourned at 4:00 p.m.