University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning Committee

March 24, 2003


Members Present:        Jim VanAlstine (chair), Maddy Maxeiner, LeAnn Dean, Carol McCannon, Ken Crandall, Andy Lopez,
                                        Lowell Rasmussen, Dominique Karlsson, Jackie Thorvaldson

Absent:                          Shaun Hainey, Amy Ackerman, Dennis Templeman, Ferolyn Angell, Ken Hodgson

Guests:                           Sam Schuman, Fritz Schwaller, Gary Strei,  Sandy Olson-Loy, Jim Mootz

(In these minutes:  Report from Admissions, Review of budget cut numbers presented in Assembly, Discussion of Budget Task Force)

Minutes of March 17, 2003 approved on a motion by Lopez, second by Crandall.

Report from Admissions

Lopez reported that the numbers continue to improve.  He noted that on December 27, we were 63% behind in numbers compared to last year and as of today we are currently 7% behind compared to last year at this time.  He added that none of this would be possible without the help of faculty and staff and we need to continue the support.  There are several upcoming events:  over 100 students will be registering on April 22; junior visit day is April 25.  He added that typically April 1 is the date students hear from private colleges and he's personally concerned as to what will happen when we announce our tuition increase and believes we need to develop a plan on how to address this to make sure we don't lose students.  He has heard that the Dakota's and Wisconsin will not be raising tuition as much as Minnesota.   Lopez believes the Admitted Student Day last week went okay even though there were some last minute cancellations by faculty members that caused some problems.  He believes most prospective students want to meet with faculty members when they visit although the Admissions office does not always know this ahead of time.   Contact with faculty is very important and it creates problems when faculty can't meet with prospective students.  McCannon said sometimes faculty are worried that the material may be over their heads; however, this doesnít matter to students, they simply want to see what it's like in the classroom.  Crandall said several years ago he pushed for meetings with prospective students and faculty but it turned into a nightmare because he tried not to pick on the same faculty members every time.  Lopez said something needs to be done.  The Admissions office knows they can contact 10-12 faculty anytime; however, that's not a very high percentage given the number of faculty here.  Mootz said Lopez has been carrying the brunt of the responsibility and wanted to publicly thank him and everyone else for their work in turning the numbers in the right direction.

Review of budget cut numbers presented in Assembly

Schuman was concerned that there has been some confusion about the budget figures he presented at Campus Assembly and outlined the following information:


25,000,000      initial budget
-   500,000       cut (approximately)
-     50,000       recurring


24,950,000       initial budget
-   450,000       recurring cuts from 2003
-   250,000       cut or reallocation (internal to UMM)


24,250,000       initial budget
-   500,000       recurring cuts
-   250,000       cuts or reallocation

Schuman would like the Budget Task Force to work with those figures.  They represent his best guess of what we may realistically need to have and he believes he has neither padded or gone so lightly that it's not strong enough.  He does not want to start talking about tuition yet because we don't know how much it will be and last year we were simply told how much our tuition increase would be and he suspects the same will happen again this year.  Schuman has communicated with the President that we would like some campus discretion on student costs. Dean asked where we are with the Campus Compact process.  Schuman responded that his first meeting took place a week ago and he plans on having a draft ready later this week.  He noted that we received our final compact for this current year in November.  He added that the Regents have called a special meeting in late June to approve the final budget.  With the new president, it may be harder to predict what will happen, but on a positive note, President Bruininks thinks very highly of the Morris campus.

Discussion of Budget Task Force

VanAlstine asked the committee how they would like to be informed of the progress of the Budget Task Force.  Lopez felt that an update every other week or an e-mail message would suffice.  VanAlstine will ask Rasmussen to report to back to CRPC on the work of the task force.

Tentative agenda for the next meeting: Continued reports from Admissions, Update from Budget Task Force.

Adjourned at 3:10 p.m.