University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning Committee

April 7, 2003

Members Present:    Jim VanAlstine (chair), Ferolyn Angell, Ken Crandall, Andy Lopez, LeAnn Dean, Carol McCannon,
                                    Dennis Templeman, Ken Hodgson, Dominique Karlsson, Eric Steinhoff, Lowell Rasmussen, Maddy

Guests:                       Sam Schuman, Fritz Schwaller, Jim Mootz, Sandy Olson-Loy, Gary Strei

Absent:                      Amy Ackerman, Jackie Thorvaldson

(In these minutes:  Report from Admissions, Update from Budget Task Force, Campus Compact)

Minutes of March 24, 2003 approved on a motion by McCannon, second by Lopez.   Eric Steinhoff replaces Shaun Hainey on the committee.

Report from Admissions

Lopez reported that the numbers still continue to improve.  Compared to last year at this time, we are less than 4% behind.  We have about 100 students that we are waiting to confirm and have about a month to do that.  We are currently ahead on transfer students, up 36% although he expressed the need to smooth out the process for transfer students.  McCannon commented that she had spoken to parents at registration and they were concerned about classes already closed.  Lopez said he would hope the adviser would explain to the student their options.  Hodgson suggested this information be included in the session with parents.

Update from Budget Task Force

Rasmussen reported that the Budget Task Force has begun meeting.  The Consultative Committee has done a lot of work laying out a process for the task force to use.  Information has been sent to budget managers and the task force would like to hear from them by the end of this week.  In addition to the website, e-mail group, and suggestion box at the Info Desk in the Student Center, the Consultative Committee will hold meetings for people to have their thoughts heard.    He added that the timeline is extremely tight and the task force members will be putting in an incredible amount of time during the next few weeks.   They will be looking to CRPC as a sounding board.  VanAlstine added that he sees CRPC as the final review body before the recommendations are submitted to the chancellor.  Hodgson asked if there were any changes in the timeline.  Schuman responded that at this point nothing has changed, however he will be attending the Board of Regents meeting later this week and expects this will be discussed.  Karlsson asked how students will get the information from the task force.  Rasmussen said the task force will try to get information to students as early as possible.  Schuman added that he was willing to bet that on the day of commencement, we will not know what our tuition will be for next year.  McCannon said there has been some confusion about the 3% amount.  Strei said that $750,000 in cuts represents about 3% of the total UMM budget for 2003 and we are asking budget managers for 3% of their total allocations.

Campus Compact

Schuman explained that this is a negotiation piece that we prepare for central administration and it is likely that it will not be in its final form for another six months.   Schuman thought it was valuable to remind people that faculty salaries at UMM are worse than last year.  Lopez wondered why Crookston was ahead of us.  Schuman thought it was because most of their faculty had been there a long time.  VanAlstine wondered if the numbers for the Twin Cities and Duluth included the medical school. Schuman thought it did along with the law school.  VanAlstine asked if Schuman thought it was appropriate to add the three director positions to the compact.  Schuman said the communications director position was already listed but he doesn't think it's necessary to include the director of athletics or director of admissions.  McCannon said that this committee was asked to prioritize the three positions and she believes we're competing against the Twin Cities campus most of the time.  She added that the university needs to fund athletics across the board and she believes an A.D. could continue to make a case for us.  Schwaller added that they want to know what we're already doing for ourselves.  Crandall noted that there was no mention of P&A salaries and wondered if Schuman would add a something.  Schuman will ask John Bowers for a sentence or two.  VanAlstine suggested also adding a spreadsheet and asked Schuman at what point he would like the committee to endorse this.  Schuman said he would add the suggestions and give committee members a chance to read it thoroughly before endorsing it.  Dean suggested adding a library component to the compact.  She will work with Schwaller to come up with something.

Adjourned at 3:00 p.m.