University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning Committee

April 14, 2003

Members Present:     Jim VanAlstine (chair), LeAnn Dean, Ferolyn Angell, Andy Lopez, Jackie Thorvaldson, Ken Crandall,
                                     Carol McCannon, Ken Hodgson, Dominique Karlsson, Lowell Rasmussen, Dennis Templeman

Guests:                        Sam Schuman, Gary Strei, Sandy Olson-Loy, Jim Mootz

Absent:                       Amy Ackerman, Eric Steinhoff, Maddy Maxeiner

(In these minutes:  Update from Admissions, Update from Budget Task Force, Campus Compact)

Minutes of April 7, 2003 were approved on a motion by Lopez, second by Angell.

Update from Admissions

Lopez reported the numbers were basically the same as last week.  He reminded the committee of several upcoming events:  registration on April 22 and Junior Visit Day on April 25.  We will also have a group of minority students from Chicago and Milwaukee visiting on April 25.

Campus Compact

Schuman noted that several changes were made in the compact document based on discussion from last week. The committee will vote on the document at the next meeting.

Budget Task Force

Rasmussen noted that the Budget Task Force has now received responses from budget managers and will be evaluating those suggestions this week.   The timeline is still very tight.   He suspects policy issue may arise and the task force may look to CRPC for guidance.  Overall, the budget managers were responsive in getting to their target figures.  About 75-80 suggestions have been made and overall those suggestions have been positive.  Rasmussen asked what the task force should be sensitive to when evaluating those suggestions.  VanAlstine suggested that names not be associated with anything.   Lopez expressed concern about not cutting security on campus and added that we need to make sure we have enough coverage on campus.   Rasmussen added that Campus Police impacts many areas on the campus, not just security to the campus and he hopes the task force would be sensitive to this issue.  Crandall asked why the parking monitor drives a nice Ford Taurus and wondered how it was funded.  Rasmussen said it is approximately $2000 per year and it comes out of their SE&E budget.  Rasmussen will send out background narratives before the next meeting on Monday.

Schuman distributed handouts from President Bruininks presentation on budget issues that he presented at the Regents meeting.  He pointed out that the timetable has been changed to meet the June 13 Regent meeting.  VanAlstine asked Schuman if there has been any discussion of cutting major programs or campuses.  Schuman said there has been absolutely no sign that a coordinate campus would be cut.  He added that although we don't have our formal budget numbers yet, he believes the targets he gave the Budget Task Force are just about right.

Adjourned at 3:00 p.m.