University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning Committee

April 21, 2003

Members Present:     Jim VanAlstine (chair), LeAnn Dean, Ferolyn Angell, Andy Lopez, Jackie Thorvaldson, Ken Crandall,
                                     Carol McCannon, Ken Hodgson, Dominique Karlsson, Lowell Rasmussen, Dennis Templeman,
                                     Maddy Maxeiner, Eric Steinhoff

Guests:                        Sam Schuman, Gary Strei, Sandy Olson-Loy

Absent:                       Amy Ackerman

(In these minutes:  Campus Compact, Update from Admissions, Update from Budget Task Force and Role of CRPC in budget reduction process)

Minutes of April 14, 2003 were approved on a motion by Crandall, second by Angell.

Campus Compact

VanAlstine reported that Chancellor Schuman would like reaction to the compact from CRPC.  Angell suggested a friendly amendment on the top of page 3 to include the last sentence as part of the previous sentence.  Crandall thought by doing so the point would get lost.  Lopez thought Schuman was waiting for more information and then would add a similar sentence like the previous one.  Angell withdrew her amendment.  Under the library support section, Lopez thought there would be a bigger impact if we used percentages instead of dollar amounts.  Dean said she would do the exact math and e-mail Schuman.  Lopez made a motion to endorse the plan based on principle.  VanAlstine added that if significant changes were made, CRPC would want to review again, second by Angell.  Motion passed.

Update from Admissions

Lopez reported the numbers are down slightly from last week.  Applications are still coming in.  They are expecting about 150 juniors and parents on Junior Visit Day on April 25, and about 50 minority students will be visiting the same day.

Update from Budget Task Force and role of CRPC in budget reduction process

Rasmussen distributed handouts outlining the first draft of Budget Task Force recommendations along with campus suggestions from the suggestions box or web site.  He added that the task force is discussing how much information should be shared and with what audience while at the same time maintaining some sense of confidentiality.  VanAlstine was assuming CRPC would look at the budget recommendations before it goes to the chancellor.  Angell asked what the task force was expecting from CRPC.  Rasmussen believes the discussions will get more contentious and there is the possibility that there will not be a clear majority on some of the recommendations.  VanAlstine expects the task force will provide as much detail as they put together.  Crandall was concerned that there will not be enough detail for CRPC to vote on anything.  VanAlstine said he was opposed to micromanaging what the budget managers have already recommended.  Crandall then asked if MPR was that important.  Rasmussen said CRPC has a history of discussing visibility, however, the task force does not.  In order for CRPC to prepare, Angell asked what issues have come to surface.  Crandall added that some of the suggestions have already been discussed in CRPC.  He added that one of the frustrating things for him as a member of the task force is that the budget managers took a different approach to this assignment and some information is very vague.   Lopez suggested asking the division chairs to come up different scenarios so there would be more data for CRPC to work with.  Crandall thinks it's important for this committee to have the opportunity to review the information and then decide whether or not the recommendations should be forwarded to the chancellor.  Rasmussen added that a detailed list of budget recommendations will be available in division offices, Briggs Library, MCSA office and third of floor of Behmler.   VanAlstine asked the committee to plan for a general discussion next week and a detailed discussion on May 5 followed by a vote.

Adjourned at 3:30 p.m.