University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning Committee

April 28, 2003

Members Present:    Jim VanAlstine (chair), Maddy Maxeiner, LeAnn Dean, Andy Lopez, Lowell Rasmussen, Carol McCannon,
                                     Ken Hodgson, Ferolyn Angell, Eric Steinhoff, Dominique Karlsson, Jackie Thorvaldson, Dennis Templeman

Guests:                       Sam Schuman, Gary Strei, Sandy Olson-Loy, Mike Korth, Jooinn Lee, Judy Kuechle

Absent:                       Ken Crandall, Amy Ackerman

(In these minutes:  Update from Admissions, Update from Budget Task Force,  Athletics direction and sports sponsorship, and Temporary, full-time faculty teaching load)

Minutes of April 21, 2003 were approved on a motion by Hodgson, second by Lopez.

Update from Admissions

Lopez reported we are about 7% behind and at the present, housing is only two confirmations away from last year.  Angell asked if there was anything Lopez wished he could do.  Lopez said the campus needs to be accommodating when Admissions calls on them.  He believes our visibility is not as good as we think it is and we need to get our reputation out there.  Schuman added we need to think about helping for fall '04.

Update from Budget Task Force

Rasmussen reported that the BTF has gone through the recommendations again trying to ascertain impacts to the campus and distributed a summary of those recommendations.  He added that the BTF will not accept unpaid leaves as a mechanism for balancing the budget and they are no longer using 3% across the board.   The timeline is particularly frustrating and asked for input from CRPC on how to disseminate information.   VanAlstine asked the committee if they would like to see the recommendations before or after the campus forum.  Angell asked what the BTF hoped to accomplish at the forum.  Rasmussen said it would be for information only.  VanAlstine mentioned that one of the suggestions from the BTF was to cut our MPR support which goes against CRPC's strategic plan to increase visibility.  He added that he would like CRPC to see the recommendations first.  The committee agreed to meet Monday at 9:00 a.m. to discuss the recommendations.

Athletics direction and sports sponsorship

Schuman said that as we make the transition into the new league, he would like CRPC to start thinking about the sports we offer and those we don't compared to other schools in the league.

Temporary, full-time faculty teaching load

Schuman said that since the mid 80's, with a few ups and downs, approximately 20-25% of our faculty workforce are temporary people.  Temporary refers to appointments which are full-time and non-tenure track.  Schuman would like to raise the temporary full-time load to 3+3.  He points out some objections raised to this idea include: 1) just adding a course doesn't mean you can reduce the number of people; 2) we would be creating a two class system although he would argue we already have a two class system because most temporary faculty have very little community service; and 3) this would be unfair to people because they couldn't do research in order to land a tenure track position somewhere else.  He noted that the Twin Cities campus and Carleton have teaching loads as low as us.  Kuechle asked if the salary would drop for the full-time temporary people working here now.  Schuman said no, this would be used as a basis for hiring new people.  Hodgson said he spoke in favor of this across the disciplines because junior faculty need to get experience somewhere and these kinds of positions are sought after.  Schuman added that the person this would hurt is someone who wants to do research and get things published.  Korth had several concerns: 1) the number of sabbaticals on this campus are very small; 2) research and service should be put in their job descriptions so they know what's expected and 3) the risk of taking the recurring money saved and using it elsewhere.  Lee said he has mixed feelings about this and he thought this idea was a temporary one to meet our budget crunch.  From a division chair perspective, because our location doesn't always help us when hiring new faculty, our teaching load does help us.  He has heard from faculty that we should go toward a 2+2, rather than 3+3 or 3+4.  Lopez said we should think about this carefully and he doesn't see how we could possibly do 2+2.  Schuman agreed and suggested the committee take this up in the fall.

Adjourned at 3:30 p.m.