University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning Committee

May 5, 2003

Members Present:      Jim VanAlstine, Carol McCannon, Ken Hodgson, LeAnn Dean, Jackie Thorvaldson, Ken Crandall,
                                      Maddy Maxeiner, Andy Lopez, Dominique Karlsson, Ferolyn Angell, Dennis Templeman, Eric Steinhoff

Guests:                         Fritz Schwaller, Gary Strei, Sandy Olson-Loy

(In these minutes:  Review and act on the planned budget reductions from the Budget Task Force)

Minutes of April 28, 2003 approved on a motion by Hodgson, second by McCannon.

Budget Task Force Recommendations

VanAlstine said the agenda for this meeting was to discuss and vote on the recommendations from the Budget Task Force.   He asked the committee if they wanted to vote line by line or on the entire package.  Lopez made a motion to discuss, amend, and vote on the amended packaged, second by Angell.  Motion passed (12-0).  VanAlstine added that the final numbers have met the approval of the Budget Task Force and the final proposal will be presented at an Open Forum this afternoon.  Lopez asked for more information about the IRS Tax Base, specifically about details of services.  Strei responded that we need to watch this carefully; however, we are never given a clear-cut answer.  Angell made a motion to add "evaluated for effectiveness and how many students does it actually service" to #5, second by McCannon.  Motion passed (12-0).

Lopez thought the mandatory six month waiting period before rehiring was very problematic.  VanAlstine said the original proposal was a 12 month waiting period but was reduced to six months to give more flexibility.  Lopez also inquired about the prescriptive cuts that were mandated by the University.  Crandall wondered how we would take care of our students when travelling if we were forced to take a 50% cut in food costs.  McCannon wondered why there was no reduction for MSP.  Crandall asked if parking fees or computing services fees could be raised to offset expenses.  Rasmussen said the Budget Task Force did not talk about revenue streams.  Hodgson noted that from the standpoint of a faculty member, some divisions were losing more than others were.  Angell wondered if the $150,000 was reached by rolling six month vacancies, if we would then stop doing that.  Schwaller said it was the Chancellor who would need to make those decisions based on three variables:  1) our year end closeout; 2) our state support; and 3) how many students we will have this fall.  Angell asked if cost overrunning should be addressed by this committee.  Strei said that there are two departments that perennially overspend:  Admissions and Athletics.    He added that we need to appropriately fund these areas and make then make them stick to the budget.  Hodgson said the Budget Task Force has done an outstanding job in protecting the quality of education for students.  Hodgson made a motion to accept the Budget Task Force recommendations, second by Angell.  Lopez suggested an amendment to include that the rolling six month vacancy item become the last option for meeting the target reduction.   VanAlstine asked the committee to vote on the motion.  Motion passed (11-1).