University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning Committee
Annual Report 2002-2003

June 18, 2003


2002-2003 Committee Membership

James VanAlstine, Chair
Ferolyn Angell
Ken Crandall
LeAnn Dean
Ken Hodgson
Maddy Maxeiner
Lowell Rasmussen
Dennis Templeman
Andy Lopez
Carol McCannon
Clare Strand
Amy Ackerman
Eric Steinhoff
Jackie Thorvaldson
Dominique Karlsson
The CRPC met 5 times during the Fall Semester, and 13 times during the Spring Semester.

The Committee attempted to focus its activities this year on issues identified in the Three-Year Strategic Plan adopted by the campus assembly in 2002.  Budget reductions prompted by the state budget deficit preempted much of the planned committee work this year.  The CRPC was directly involved with identifying and approving both Phase I and Phase II reductions.  Every meeting during Spring Semester was also prefaced with reports from Admissions on the status of enrollments for 2003-04.   Major accomplishments are identified below. Details are recorded in the committee minutes attached to this report.

Fall Semester

1) Policy for naming parts of UMM Buildings.

A proposal from Tap Payne to rename the Proscenium Theater prompted the CRPC and the Function and Awards Committee to establish a UMM policy for naming parts of University buildings.  Naming rooms and other parts of buildings is not part of All University policy.  The policy was drafted, reviewed, and adopted by the campus assembly.

2) Handicap access for mall stage.

A proposal for developing a ramp for handicap access to the mall stage was presented by Lowell Rasmussen.  The CRPC recommended using temporary stage ramps for one year.

3) Communications Audit.

The CRPC participated in the development of the communications audit, prepared by Gosner, Gerber, Tinker, Stuhr, and reviewed the final report.

4) Big Idea

A proposal to develop a program to send every UMM student abroad with their classmates was presented to CRPC by Chancellor Schuman and the International Programs Committee. The CRPC endorsed the plan as long as it remained revenue neutral for the campus.
5) Historic District Designation of the Campus Mall

The CRPC heard the proposal and presentation for the designation of the Campus Mall as a Historic District.  The designation will allow access to funding sources targeted for renovation of historic buildings.  The committee endorsed the proposal.

6) Review, discussion, and approval of the Capitol Projects 6-year plan, including modifications as required by the passing of the Morris School District Bond.

7) Reviewed options for interim replacement of the Director of Admissions, with recommendations made to Chancellor Schuman.

Spring Semester

1) Reviewed and approved the 2003-04 bonding bill request.  The projects vetoed by Governor Ventura are still alive, and may be funded yet this year.

2) Reviewed proposals for three director level positions at UMM (Director of Communications, Athletic Director, Director of Admissions).  The CRPC recognized the importance of all three positions, but given the current budget concerns did not recommend filling any of them at this time.

3) Met with Jim Mootz (Admissions) and Pam Engebretson (Financial Aid) to identify issues and concerns in those areas.

4) Reviewed and ultimately approved Phase I budget reductions, and helped communicate them to the campus community at an open forum.

5) Worked with the Administrative group and the Consultative Committee to establish a process and a Budget Task Force to identify Phase II budget reductions for 2003-04.  The CRPC reviewed and ultimately approved those reductions.

6) Reviewed and approved the Campus Compact for 2003-2004.

Issues for discussion or resolution in 2003-2004

1) Phase II budget reductions for 2004-2005.

2) Decision and recommendation on director level positions.

3) Administrative reorganization and restructuring.

4) Continued review and discussion of implementation of Three-Year Strategic Plan.  Lay ground work for the next three-year plan.

5) Faculty/Staff Salaries (issue brought forward by Dr. Ahern)