University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning Committee

September 19, 2003


Members Present:   Andy Lopez, Bryan Herrmann, Mike Sullivan, Kevin Ely, Lowell Rasmussen, LeAnn Dean, Arne Kildegaard,
                                   Ken Hodgson, Ferolyn Angell, Annie Olson

Guests:                      Fritz Schwaller, Sam Schuman, Jim Mootz, Sandy Olson-Loy

(In these minutes:  Update on sprinkler system, alternative energy systems, Capital Requests for FY05 and Long Term Requests, Update on the Big Idea, and Discussion on senior administrative strategic goals for FY03 and FY04)

Lopez told the committee that in response to the article in the University Register from Coach Doug Reese, he and former chair of CRPC, Jim VanAlstine, have written a letter to the editor clarifying some of Reese's remarks.

Update on sprinkler system in the residence halls - Lowell Rasmussen

Pine/Spooner sprinkling project - The design is essentially done, it is at the pre bid review stage right now and after everyone has submitted comments Engan should be ready to prepare the bid document.  Anticipate bidding in January for summer 2004 completion.

Gay sprinkling project - This is well along the design phase, not yet to pre bid phase.  This also includes a water upgrade for Gay Hall.  We are considering including in the project adding some additional bathrooms to Gay Hall with more privacy.  Decision on that is pending a review of the financial situation.  The plan is to have the Gay project go for bid in January for completion in summer 2004.  Prior to going out for bid an evaluation of resources will have been completed to determine if new bathrooms can be included.

The Gay, Spooner, Pine projects did receive funding in the last legislative session for a $1,000,000 project, but $400,000 needs to come from internal funds.

Blakely/Independence sprinkling project - Have just begun planning for these projects.  First meeting with the architect on 9/12/03.  This will look at sprinklers for Indy and a more comprehensive plan for Blakely to include sprinklers, new heating system, domestic water upgrade, electrical upgrade, handicap accessible bathrooms, new water heater, and look where an elevator and on grade access would be constructed.  The hope is to get some initial cost estimates for these projects so resources can be reviewed and priorities can be set for Gay, Blakely, and Indy projects.  The Indy and Blakely projects would not be done until the summer of 2005 or possibly 2006.

Update on alternative energy systems - Lowell Rasmussen

Through partnership with WCROC, we funded a study to explore alternative energy options for the region.  There were two outcomes based on this study:  a) feasible to consider biomass as a replacement for fossil fuel (UMM focused), and b) feasible to explore wind generation/cogeneration possibilities (WCROC focused).  The Energy & Environmental Research Center in Grand Forks was hired to do assessment of biomass plant.  Initial study indicated the plant could be price competitive and should cost about  $3 million.  Legislative interest was generated in the 2003 legislative session for West Central Energy Center which resulted in 3M of 10M alternative fuels allocation going to WCROC/UMM.  2M for WCROC and 1M for UMM.  Private funding was secured to do pre-design for biomass plant.  HGA was hired to develop firm costs and processes to include a 2004 legislative request.  Central administration agreed to include District Facilities in 2004 request.  Plant description includes:  a) include grate boiler to handle wide variety of fuel stocks with a capacity of 15,000 pounds steam/hour at 125 PSI steam output; b) digital real time control and output sensors to capture data for research projects from WCROC and USDA soils lab; c) to be coupled with 600 ton absorption chiller; d) sized to handle district heating/cooling for public school campus and possible future SCMC campus; e) initially planned to generate electricity with steam turbine, but turbine is now for future expansion; and f) fuel stocks to include wood waste, corn screenings, and sunflower hulls.  Capacity would require two trucks per day when under full load.  The objectives include:  economic, research, and environmental.  The issues include emissions and noise.  Hodgson asked about the possibility of using animal waste as fuel.  Rasmussen said moisture content would generally be a concern.

Capital Request for FY 05, Outline of Long Term Capital Request for UMM and Review of Master Plan - Lowell Rasmussen

Rasmussen distributed a copy of the 2005-2009 Capital Request as outlined below and gave a brief summary of the items listed.

2004 Bonding Request

HEAPR Request (90 million systemwide request)

UMM                      Up to $3,200,000.00
Priority                  1                 $ 1,000,000 Indy/Blakely Sprinklers
                                2                 $    300,000 Food Service Sprinklers
                                3                 $    150,000 Camden Utilities/Tunnel
                                4                 $    500,000 District Tuckpointing
                                5                 $    850,000 District Elevators
                                6                 $    400,000 PE/RFC Chilled Water

Capital Bonding

District Facilities
Football Complex                 $ 2,500,000 (1M provided by MAHS)
Biomass                                  $ 5,500,000 (1M provided by Dry Cask Storage)

 Subtotal                                 $ 8,000,000

2006 Bonding Request

HEAPR Request

UMM                  (?????)
Priority                  1                 $ 2,000,000 Briggs Library Phase I
                                2                 $    500,000 Behmler Air Quality
                                3                 $    500,000 PE  Center Infill Work
                                4                 $ 1,000,000 Mall Building Rehabilitation Phase I

Bonding Request - None

2008 Bonding Request

HEAPR  Request

UMM              (?????)
Priority                 1                 $ 2,000,000 Briggs Library Phase 2
                               2                 $ 2,000,000 Mall Building Rehabilitation
                               3                 $ 1,000,000 HFA Windows Phase 2

Bonding Request
                               1                 $ 1,000,000 Planning for HFA III (330,000 UMM match)

Hodgson asked for clarification on HFA Windows Phase 2.  Rasmussen said this would be replacement of windowpanes.   The bonding request allows us to hire an architect to begin the design process.  Hodgson made a motion to approve the document as presented in principle, second by Angell.  Motion carried.

Update on the Big Idea - Sam Schuman

Schuman reported that at the assembly meeting last spring, the campus approved the Big Idea Program Proposal which meant that funding could now be sought for a three-year pilot program prior to implementing the program in full.  Schuman's understanding of his assignment was to find the money to do this.  When we launched the Capital Campaign, a small goal was created for brand new academic programs titled Strategic Initiative Fund.   That goal did achieve over $515,000 in gifts from several people.  Schuman's impulse during the pilot phase is to have this administered out of the Chancellor's office.  At the moment it becomes a full-fledged venture, it will be turned over to the Academic Affairs office.  Lopez asked if Schuman was confident in securing additional funding.  Schuman said he was confident we could find the money for the pilot program, but he would be interested in achieving 10-20 times this level of funding.  Ely asked if the Task Force from last year would remain the same.  Kildegaard said this doesn't seem scalable to him and worries it will start to drain other revenue sources.  Schuman said we would not take money from other campus programs to fund this.  He sees his major fundraising job for the next three years is getting money for this.  Hodgson said the timing of this bothers him from the standpoint of HFA Phase III and wondered how we can raise money for both of these.  Schuman said we would not be looking at the same donors.  We are talking about two different philanthropic groups.  Hodgson wondered if Schuman would have enough energy to work on Phase III immediately after working on the Big Idea.  He added that Phase III is continually pushed back and that in 1979 it was a top building priority.   Schuman said we are not at a point where he can talk to anyone about the 2008 bonding request and he hopes to have the funding for the Big Idea long before 2008.

Discussion of senior administrative strategic goals for FY 03 an FY 04  - Sam Schuman

Schuman distributed copies of the strategic goals and said he and the vice chancellors have a good feeling about processes in place.   Lopez asked Schwaller if the report from the Retention Committee would be shared with this committee.  Schwaller said he would get it sent to committee members.

Adjourned at 12:00 p.m.