University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning Committee

November 7, 2003

Members Present:   Andy Lopez, Bryan Herrmann, Mark Fohl, Kevin Ely, Ken Hodgson, Dennis Templeman, LeAnn Dean,
                                   Tammy Faux, Annie Olson, Arne Kildegaard, Maddy Maxeiner, Mike Sullivan, Lowell Rasmussen, Ferolyn Angell

Guests:                      Jim Mootz, Fritz Schwaller, Sam Schuman, Sandy Olson-Loy

(In these minutes:  Update on Budget Task Force, Changes in Capital Request, Continuation of discussion of teaching load for non-tenure track faculty, FCC Minutes, Update on student recruiting, Continuation of discussion on student retention)

Update on Budget Task Force

Lowell Rasmussen reported that Chancellor Schuman has asked the Budget Task Force to reconvene to address the 04-05 fiscal budget.  Budget Task Force members include:  Gary Strei, Andy Lopez, LeAnn Dean, Arne Kildegaard, Bart Finzel, Brenda Boever, Margaret Kuchenreuther, Amanda Groshens, Sara Kloek, Sandy Olson-Loy, Fritz Schwaller, Jenny Nellis, John Bowers, and Lowell Rasmussen, serving as chair.

Capital Request

Rasmussen reported that the request that CRPC had approved earlier this year has now changed.  Central administration now say that they will not approve the 1.5 million dollar sprinkler project as a HEAPR request.  However, the Board of Regents office has mandated that the buildings be updated and they want it done.  When the Regents approved the plan, they assumed it would be funded.  Housing does not generate enough money to cover the cost, so these projects cannot be completed unless a funding source is identified.

Discussion of teaching load

Kildegaard asked if this proposal should go before assembly for approval.  Schuman said it is not constitutionally necessary to have assembly vote on this although he would like CRPC as well as the Consultative Committee to vote on it.   Hodgson asked if we expect service to the University from the current temporary or part-time faculty.  Schuman said we do not solicit committee preferences from them; however service varies considerably from division to division.  Schwaller added that traditionally we don't involve those who only plan to be here for one year.   Hodgson then asked if this change would have been considered were it not for our financial difficulties.  Schuman said there is no simple answer.  He doubts he would have done this if we were not facing our financial situation.  This does, however, create a permanent growing fund that would entice the faculty pool.  Schwaller said this would recognize the seriousness of research and scholarly activity on this campus.  Lopez asked if we might use a different classification.  Schwaller said we have term contracts for faculty and University policy is very explicit on expectations.  Lopez asked if the policy is explicit on research expectations.  Schwaller said the general assumption is there is no research expectation.  Kildegaard added that it is not correct to say that there are no research expectations on non-tenured track faculty, rather that these expectations are imposed by the profession not the institution.  Dean asked if the plan would move some of P&A out of their category.  Schwaller said not at all but there might be some kind of additional title added to recognize part of the assignment.  Dean said she has never served on a search committee to hire faculty and wondered if we normally receive many applications.  Schwaller said it varies widely from discipline to discipline and some areas are very difficult to fill.  Ely asked if we have contracts for temporary faculty.  Schwaller said this policy will help us determine what percentage of assignment is appropriate.  He added, that in addition to teaching, faculty are also expected to do research, contribute to campus service and do advising.  Schuman said that some of the most wealthy institutions have the teaching load that we do and he doesn't feel this is an unusual or bizarre demand on faculty.  Hodgson asked if we would be able to protect tenure track positions load with tenure track expectations.  Lopez  added that each discipline operates differently.  Kildegaard added that the fact that many of these faculty members don't do research is a good argument, but for those just starting out, doesn't make the issue any less for them.  Schwaller responded that it's not the responsibility of this institution to help faculty gain tenure at another institution.  Angell asked if there would be significant savings if we hire someone on a temporary basis.  Schuman said he is not sure of the savings for the college but said Gary Strei could track the savings and report back to the committee.   Lopez asked about gender distribution.  Faux reported there are 18 women and 20 men currently in those positions.  Lopez said that personally he is not ready to vote, but said someone could make a motion.  Schuman asked what more the committee wanted to know.  Lopez though it would be a good idea to hear what the Division Chairs thought of this, especially if they are not in favor of it.  Angell said the committee needs to understand the objections from the Division Chairs because there may be things the committee is not thinking about.  She then asked if the Division Chairs could e-mail their comments to the committee.  Lopez said he would invite the Division Chairs to the next meeting or they were welcome to send an e-mail.   Angell asked if the committee could get some kind of projection.  Schuman said we could get the last two years and that Gary Strei could get that information.   Lopez asked if they could also get the equivalent FTE for those positions.  Ely wondered if we could contact the current faculty and get feedback from them.  Schwaller said he could get a schedule of what they teach but it would be hard to generalize.  Dean asked if the committee could get information on the plan initiated two years ago regarding P&A contracts.  Schwaller said he would be willing to do a presentation on the personnel plan.

Faculty Consultative Committee Minutes

Lopez said the committee should take a look at the FCC minutes where they discuss Branding and Admissions.  Because Duluth and the Twin Cities campus are our biggest competitors, he feels we need to get involved.  He added that Jeff Ratliff-Crain is our representative.  Schuman said he has written a letter to the Twin Cities and he will not let central recruiting happen.

Update on student recruiting

Mootz reported that his office has been very busy with high school visits and college nights.  In addition, MCSA will help promote UMM on November 14 visiting various schools in the Twin Cities area.  He asked everyone to get involved in their area.  The numbers are going in the right direction but we can't back off or miss a beat.

Minutes of October 3, 2003 approved on a motion by Hodgson, second by Fohl.

Discussion of student retention

Hodgson asked if we knew how retention is handled among student peers.  Ely said that RA's talk to on campus residents but most students leave because of a major change.  Lopez thought students just verbalize their reasons for leaving in that way.  Hodgson thought it would be beneficial to see where we rank with other COPLAC schools.  Herrmann said those retention numbers are in the retention report and added that some students say they didn't like their advisor, some say there is nothing to do, and some feel this is a good place to start out.  Angell asked how many students we lose because of academics.  O'Loughlin reported not that many.  Hodgson wondered if students could take the initiative if they are aware that someone is planning to leave.  O'loughlin said this shouldn't be placed on the student and added there is no formal program in place.  Lopez asked if we could institute an exit interview.  O'Loughlin said we do an exit survey, but students are not required to complete it.  Hodgson noted that the real tool, then, is that advisors should know if someone is not returning.  Angell asked what the core issues are.  O'Loughlin said social life and the perception that there's nothing to do.  Herrmann added financial and academic problems.  O'Loughlin said she will be meeting with Student Activities to let students know what's happening on the weekends.  Lopez added that faculty could take an important step by talking about all the things that are going on on-campus.  Ely added not just on campus, but in the town of Morris as well.  Hodgson wondered of the amount of faculty turnover has eroded student confidence.  O'Loughlin said there was no data to make any assumption.