University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Resources and Planning Committee

December 5, 2003

Members Present:  Carol McCannon, Ken Hodgson, Ferolyn Angell, Arne Kildegaard, Dennis Templeman, Kevin Ely,
                                  Annie Olson, Maddy Maxeiner, Lowell Rasmussen, Mike Sullivan, Bryan Herrmann, Andy Lopez, Mark Fohl

Guests:                    Judy Kuechle, Michael Korth, Sam Schuman, Fritz Schwaller, Sandy Olson-Loy, Jim Mootz

(In these minutes:  Personnel Plan and Teaching load, Update on Budget Task Force and Capital Request)

Minutes of 11/7/03 approved on a motion by Herrmann, second by Hodgson with the following addition by Kildegaard.  "It is not correct to say that there are no research expectations on non-tenured track faculty, rather that these expectations are imposed by the profession not the institution."    Minutes of October 24, 2003 approved as amended.

Personnel Plan

Schwaller reported that this is a University-wide reform plan for academic personnel.  We had not done it because of the Dean vacancy.  We have complied with some of the plan, but not all parts of the plan and it is now time for us to comply.  Schwaller distributed a copy of Table I.  Academic Appointments as outlined below.

1. Tenure and Tenure-track faculty
Currently in use at UMM; will follow the guidelines in the new academic policy with the following change:  L designator (not B) to denote 9 month term.  Ph.D. or terminal degree required (Instructor = ABD)
2. Non-tenure track faculty (term appointments;  contract faculty)
UMM will use these appointments to hire non-tenure track faculty (currently referred to as "temporary faculty"; new terminology = "contract faculty").  Ph.D. or terminal degree required (Instructor = ABD).
3. Non-tenure track faculty (term appointments; temporary faculty)
Appointments of this type will be rarely used at UMM.  These appointments are typically for <1 year and reappointment is the exception.
4. Non-tenure track faculty (term appointments; visiting faculty)
Appointments of this type will find occasional use at UMM and will follow the guidelines in the new administrative policy.  Holds an academic appointment outside of the U of M.
5. Adjunct faculty (from within the U)
Not likely to be used at UMM.
6. Adjunct faculty (from outside the U)
This type of appointment will be restricted to those hired at <20% time.  The hire must have the terminal degree in his or her field.
7. Academic Staff (primary responsibility is teaching)
To be used to hire academic staff whose primary duty is teaching but do not have the terminal degree in their fields.  (The issue of promotion to senior levels will be considered at a later date.)  Teaching Specialist:  Bachelors degree.  Lecturer:  Masters degree.
8. Academic Staff (primary responsibility is non-instructional; some teaching duties)
To be used for academic staff whose primary duties are non-instructional but occasionally teach.  (The issue of promotion to senior levels will be considered at a later date.)  Primary appointment defines the individual's employment; secondary appointment is tied to instructional responsibilities.

Schwaller asked for endorsement of the plan as presented.  Approved on a motion by Hodgson, second by Angell.

Teaching load

Those faculty hired for a limited appointment would be hired for a 6 course load.  Longer term faculty would have a 5 course load.  Current faculty would be grandfathered in.  The savings would start small.  Schuman noted that the process would be to give Division Chairs the authority to determine the teaching load for these faculty.   The following motion was made by Angell, seconded by Fohl ëIn consultation between administrators and Division chairs, a 6 course load would be considered for all non-tenure track and short-term faculty and the savings would go back to the faculty salary poolí.   The above motion was superceded by a motion to table offered by Sullivan and seconded by Ely.  The motion to table passed.

Budget Task Force and Capital Request

Lowell Rasmussen updated the committee on the Budget Task Force work.  Input from budget managers is being requested by January 7.  Lowell also updated the committee on the capital request going to the legislature for $8M for the alternative energy heating systems and shared football field.

Minutes taken by Mark Fohl