University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee


February 26, 2004





Members Present:       Andy Lopez, Ken Hodgson, Mark Fohl, Carol McCannon,

Annie Olson, Bryan Herrmann, Mike Sullivan, Maddy Maxeiner,

LeAnn Dean, Arne Kildegaard, Ferolyn Angell,

Lowell Rasmussen, Kevin Ely


Guests:                        Jim Mootz, Fritz Schwaller, Gary Strei



(In these minutes:  Continued discussion of Integrated Marketing Communications and Preliminary discussion of Budget Task Force Recommendations)


Future agenda items


Andy Lopez reminded the committee that todayıs agenda will include continued discussion of Integrated Marketing Communications and a preliminary discussion of the Budget Task Force recommendations.  The committee will meet again next Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. to discuss the Faculty Affairs Proposal.  Other agenda items that need to be discussed this spring include: update on enrollment, revisit the strategic plan based on Budget Task Force recommendations, revisit the Big Idea, and review the Compact.  He asked the committee members to plan to meet at least the first three weeks after spring break. 


Integrated Marketing Communications at UMM


Maddy Maxeiner reminded the committee of the definition of Integrated Marketing Communications and added that after several staff members had attended conferences and the communication audit was completed, paramount in those discussions was the need for a Director of Communications.  The next step would be to hire a director to the extent that budget limitations allow.  She distributed a draft of a job description for such a position.  She added that a very informal group met about a year ago to formulate the description and after a meeting with James Morales last week, they tweaked the draft a bit.   Ken Hodgson asked if this would be an entirely new position.  Maxeiner said yes.  Hodgson inquired about support staff for this position.  Maxeiner said the communication audit suggested consolidating offices.  For now, it is unclear who the director would supervise or how it would relate to other offices.  She thought there would be dotted line relationships with other campus communicators.  Hodgson thinks we need to be very specific about who answers to this person and believes the plan needs to be well-defined, not simply dotted lines.  Ferolyn Angell added that if the committee endorses this, there needs to be a cohesive plan that brings everything together drawing upon some of the resources we already have.  Carol McCannon thought that dotted line relationships are too vague and almost always bad for moral.  She believes there needs to be clear cut in knowing who is doing what.  Hodgson said he was 200% in favor of this position and thought it was a big mistake to eliminate this position years ago.  Angell asked if Judy Korn, Judy Riley, or Rebecca Webb have been consulted and whether she was seeking their feedback?  Maxeiner said they saw the description a year ago and that the first step was the get the description to this committee.  Jim Mootz said that this was on the table when he was on his way in and itıs on the table again on his way out.  He highly recommends that we move forward with this.


MOTION:  (Angell, Herrmann) To move forward with the next steps to make it possible to hire a Director of Communications.


Discussion:  Mark Fohl said this kind of work costs money to do and wondered how it would be funded beyond just the salary.  Fritz Schwaller responded that during the Compact process, we were told to list what we want and divide the money as we see fit.  Arne Kildegaard added that the management structure of this is very important because it looks like another directorship.  He also wondered if there are other priorities this committee should be aware of that also need additional funding.  Schwaller said the vice chancellors have made this their top priority.  Carol McCannon added the importance of campus-wide consultation.


VOTE: Motion carried (13-0-0)


Budget Task Force Recommendations


A draft of the Budget Task Force recommendations were distributed to committee members.   The BTF will meet again next Tuesday morning.  If committee members have suggestions or recommendations, they should consult the BTF before then. The final draft of recommendations will be submitted to the Chancellor after the Tuesday meeting.  Ken Hodgson commented on the creative work done in the Plant Services area.  Lowell Rasmussen said much of it has to do with the Social Science renovation and when it comes back on line again.  Carol McCannon asked if cuts in Computing Services would delay upgrades.  Fritz Schwaller responded that they will go to a four-year upgrade plan rather than a three-year.


MOTION:  (Hodgson, Fohl) To move that CRPC endorse the Budget Task Force Recommendations.


Discussion:  Fritz Schwaller wanted to compliment his colleagues on the BTF for holding the academic affairs areas remarkably harmless thereby providing students with the courses they need to move toward their degree.  Arne Kildegaard noted there seemed to be a discrepancy among division.  Fritz Schwaller said thatıs because only temporary positions could be looked at for possible reductions.  Mike Sullivan said he could not vote on this.  Andy Lopez reminded the committee that a motion has been made.  Kevin Ely expressed concern about the financial aid section and how this would affect students.  Fritz Schwaller said the text was directed to the BTF and that the Financial Aid staff would do everything they can to help students.  Ferolyn Angell said the committee shouldnıt dismiss the concerns expressed here. 


Vote:  Motion carried (8-1-4)