University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee


March 25, 2004





Members Present:       Andy Lopez, LeAnn Dean, Kevin Ely, Annie Olson, Ken

Hodgson, Lowell Rasmussen, Arne Kildegaard, Carol McCannon,

Bryan Herrmann, Tammy Faux, Ferolyn Angell



(In these minutes:  Update on Capital Request and Social Science Building)


Update on Capital Request


Lowell Rasmussen distributed the following handout as outlined below:


Draft discussion of 2006 through 2010 Capital Request


  1. Review of previous requests
  2. Proposed new request
  3. Factors impacting the capital planning process.
    1. Status of current 04 bonding request

i.      Biomass plant for 5.5 million

ii.   Football complex for 1.5 million

    1. Debt retirements

i.      Self-supporting

ii.   Existing space

iii.  New space

    1. Regulatory influence

i.      Central Admin

ii.   Regents

iii.  Legislative

    1. Campus strategic plans

i.      Master Plan

ii.   Academic Plan

iii.  Fiscal and demographic influences


2004 Bonding Request


HEAPR Request        (90 million system-wide request)

UMM  Up to:                         $ 3,200,000.00


Priority                        1          $ 1,500,000.00            Indy/Blakely Sprinklers

                                    2          $    300,000.00            Food Service Sprinklers

                                    3          $    150,000.00            Camden Utilities/Tunnel

                                    4          $    450,000.00            District Tuckpointing

                                    5          $    400,000.00            District Elevators

                                    6          $    400,000.00            PE/RFC Chilled Water


                        Subtotal          $ 3,200,000.00


Classroom Improvement

1                                                   HFA21 Darkroom

2                                                   HFA6

3                                                   Sci Auditorium

4                                                   HFA Lighting controls


Capital Bonding

District Facilities


Football Complex                   $ 1,500,000.00            (1M provided by MAHS)

Biomass                                  $ 5,500,000.00            (1M provided by Dry Cask Storage)

                        Subtotal          $ 8,000,000.00


2006 Bonding Request

HEAPR Request


UMM              (??????)

Priority                        1          $ 2,000,000.00            Briggs Library Phase 1

                                    2          $   500,000.00 Behmler Air Quality

                                    3          $   500,000.00 PE Center Infill work

                                    4          $ 1,000,000.00            Mall Building Rehabilitation Phase 1


Bonding  Request       None


2008 Bonding Request

HEAPR Request


UMM              (??????)

Priority                        1          $ 2,000,000.00            Briggs Library Phase 2

                                    2          $ 2,000,000.00            Mall Building Rehabilitation

                                    3          $ 1,000,000.00            HFA Window Phase 2


Bonding Request


                                    1          $  1,000,000.00           Planning for HFA III (330,000 UMM match)



Ken Hodgson made a motion to support the bonding requests in principle, second by Ferolyn Angell.  So moved.


Update on Social Science Building


Lowell Rasmussen explained that the social science project has been approved for CMAR (Construction management at risk).  This is a relatively new concept for the University and has never been done before on the Morris campus.  The concept is to select a contractor before the final construction documents are and allow the contractor involvement in development of the final construction documents.  Contractors can have practical suggestions for the design and helpfully can help avoid costly errors.  Contractors are also more likely to provide current and accurate construction costs estimates.  Additionally, this process allows construction to begin sooner than would be possible if we had to wait until all the documents were completed and then go out for bid.


Due to a lack of time, the committee agreed to continue this discussion at the next CRPC meeting on 4/1/04.


Adjourned at 9:00 a.m.