University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee


April 1, 2004





Members Present:       Andy Lopez, Ken Hodgson, Bryan Herrmann, Mark Fohl, Tammy

Faux, Lowell Rasmussen, Maddy Maxeiner, Arne Kildegaard, Ferolyn Angell


Guests:                        Sam Schuman, Fritz Schwaller, Dave Aronson



(In these minutes:  Continued discussion of Social Science Building)


Update on Social Science Building


Rasmussen and Aronson reported that the schematic design phase (laying out the floor plan) has been completed and the first set of design development documents are in the process of being reviewed for comment.  Meetings are being scheduled with the architects and engineers to review the mechanical, electrical and low voltage details.  Meetings are being scheduled to review instructional space, offices, lounges, landscape, research, custodial and display areas.  The architects are in the process of developing constructions documents.  Progress is also being made on the necessary swing space.  Five offices have been identified in the annexes that will be utilized and six temporary offices will be constructed in the Community Services building.  Decisions have not yet been made regarding the assignment of swing space offices.  They will be working with the Division Chair to identify where individuals will be moving and a timetable for the moves.  Hopefully some items can be moved out of the building prior to graduation.  May 10-21 has been identified as the time frame to get everything that will be salvaged out of the building.  This includes any equipment, furnishings, bookshelves, doors, etc.  May 24 the building will be turned over to the abatement contractor and demolition of the interior of the building will commence.


Andy Lopez asked what is the architectıs role.  Rasmussen said they do all the programmatic planning.  He added that this project has been approved for CMAR (Construction management at risk).  The university has two other projects under CMAR.  This is not a new process for architects and contractors.  By July 04 we anticipate a guaranteed maximum price from CMAR contractor.  This means that once weıve been given a price and assuming we donıt change anything, that price must stay the same.  Ken Hodgson asked if local subcontractors would be used.  Aronson said if some of the bids are smaller, then local contractors can be used.  Arne Kildegaard asked what happens if the figure is more than we anticipated.  Rasmussen said there is usually a 10% building contingency planned in the amount.  If we go over that amount, we either reduce the scope of the project or the furnishings.   Rasmussen also mentioned the possibility of a 12-foot sidewalk instead of a service road behind the Social Science building that would used for service access and pedestrians.  The limited service access would remove some of the traffic on the mall.  Whatever we do behind the Social Science building will be used as a test for other areas on campus.  Aronson added that there will be a series of meetings have been scheduled to discuss re-routing the cable, water main, and tunnel between Camden and the Social Science building.  Rasmussen said they are working on a master plan for potential tunnel linkages.  He also noted that many preservationists are opposed to tunnels because they disrupt the landscape.  Aronson added there are many historical issues that arise when trying to connect two buildings built in different eras.   Lopez asked if there was the possibility of skywalk between Behmler and Social Science.  Rasmussen said that discussion could take place when they address the tunnel situation.


Minutes of March 2 and March 18 meetings were approved on a motion by Hodgson, second by Herrmann. 


Adjourned at 9:00 a.m.