University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee


September 14, 2004




Members Present:       Andy Lopez, Arne Kildegaard, Sharon VanEps, LeAnn Dean,

                                    Jim Carlson, Lowell Rasmussen, Bryan Herrmann, Maddy Maxeiner,

                                    Matt Croaston, Cassie McMahon, Tim Brook, Isaac Linehan-



Guests:                                    Fritz Schwaller, James Morales, Sandy Olson-Loy, Gary Strei



(In these minutes:  Charge of committee, discussion of agenda items, update from senior administration on a variety of items)


Introductions and charge of committee


The meeting began with a round of introductions.  Lopez read the powers of the committee from the UMM Constitution which states, "The Campus Resources and Planning Committee develops, reviews, and recommends policies with long-range implications for the development of the human and physical resources of the campus.  The committee considers matters relating to institutional mission, student recruitment and retention, organizational patterns, faculty development, allocation of financial resources, legislative requests, energy policy, and the development of physical facilities."


Review of 2003-2004 activities and agenda items for 2004-2005


Lopez stated that as he reflects on last year, the biggest discussion item was the budget adjustments and that members of the CRPC were very active with those discussions.


Suggestions for agenda items this year include:  Updating the Strategic Plan; Invite Jeff Ratliff-Crain to give an update on Strategic Plan process at the All-University level; Discussion of the lack of individuals seeking promotion from Associate to full professors on campus; Visibility and increasing resources.


Update from the senior administration


Lowell Rasmussen distributed a handout listing suggested agenda items for consideration as outlined below:


Topic: Capital and physical planning.

  1. Six year capital request. (Oct-Nov)
    1. Bonding bill status
    2. Changes in internal processes
    3. Changes in funding and design procedures


  1. Getty Grant report
    1. Review and approve documents (Oct- Nov)
  2. Master Planning Update
    1. Review plan and incorporate Getty material  (Jan- Mar)


Topic: Space management. 

  1. Strategic plan for reuse of space after Social Science is brought on line in 2006
    1. Academic space needs  (Spring ­Fall 05)
    2. Administrative space needs (Spring ­ Fall 05 )
    3. Student space needs  (Spring ­ Fall 05)


Topic: Resource management. 

  1. Campus policies on media duplication and printed material.
    1. Campus duplication ­ copier/printer network standards (Nov- Dec)
  2. Campus conservation policies.  (Nov ­Jan)
    1. Green energy initiatives

                                                     i.     Biomass cogeneration

                                                      ii.     Wind generated electricity from WCROC

                                                        iii.     Thermal storage options

    1. Conservation activities

                                                     i.     Recycle programs

                                                      ii.     Regional Partnerships

                                                        iii.     Programming


Maddy Maxeiner reported she would like to move forward with the director of communications position as quickly as possible.  She hopes to finalize the job description soon and would like this to be a high priority for the committee.  She also mentioned that President Bruininks has declared October as Scholarship Month and the University has created a new matching program which she will elaborate on at an upcoming meeting.


Sandy Olson-Loy reported that the Minority Student Program has been renamed to the Multi-Ethnic Student Program.  She also mentioned the Early Alert Pilot program.


James Morales reported that the official fall 2004 enrollment numbers will be available today.  We will have 400 new high school students and 70 transfer students for a total of 470 new students.  There are approximately 1840 total students.   He expects the new student numbers to grow moderately over the next few years.  His goal for next year is 412 new students and 75 transfers.  He would like to ask CRPC what they believe is the ideal size of the campus.  There are two possibilities:  one is that we could have between 2000-2200 students on campus or we could keep the numbers purposely small, between 1800-1950. 


Fritz Schwaller reported on the reorganization of the Academic Services area where the Disability Services/Academic Advising/Career Center would be combined.  Schwaller has already initiated discussions with all of the staff involved.  He will bring a draft of the org chart when itıs available.   He also mentioned the creation of a Task Force to look at the long-term mission and goals of Continuing Education.  He has asked the Task force for their recommendations by the end of fall semester.    Schwaller briefly discussed report on the Classroom Climate Report for Students of Color.  The report will be distributed to members of the CRPC.


Gary Strei reported that the budget ended up in the black last year.  He is optimistic about the numbers for this year and he does not foresee budget cutting like the previous year. He plans to develop a website for his area that will provide tools and information for budget managers on campus.  He also plans to schedule a panel discussion that will be open to the campus.


Meeting times


It was determined that CRPC will meet every Tuesday at 8:00 a.m. during the fall semester.


Proposed agenda items for upcoming meetings include:


- Lopez will ask Chancellor Schuman to say a few words

- Director of Communications

- Multi Ethnic Resource Building

- Information on Scholarship Month



Adjourned at 8:50 a.m.