University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee


November 9, 2004




Members Present:       Sara Haugen, Sarah Mattson, Mark Fohl, Sharon VanEps, Jim Carlson,

                                    Isaac Linehan-Clodfelter, Tim Brooks, LeAnn Dean, Lowell Rasmussen,

                                    Bryan Herrmann, Andy Lopez, Maddy Maxeiner


Guests:                                    Jeff Ratliff-Crain, Sandy Olson-Loy



(In these minutes:  Update of the All-University Strategic Plan)


Update of the All-University Strategic Plan


Jeff Ratliff-Crain reported that the planning process began with the first meeting in August.  The goal is to present this to the Board of Regents by December.  Membership of the Strategic Planning Committee include:  E. Thomas Sullivan (chair), Frank Cerra, Robert Jones, Sandra Gardebring, Alfred Sullivan, David Hamilton, Kathleen O¹Brien, Kathryn Martin, Shirley Baugher, Steven Rosenstone, Jeffrey Klausner, Patricia Hampl, Robert Kurdle, Judith Martin, Marvin Marshak, Jeff Ratliff-Crain, and David Tilman.  The charge of the committee is to prepare a new Strategic Planning document for the University, which will include:  Mission, Values, and Aspirations; an environmental scan that explores the most important forces, internal and external, on higher education and the U.; longer-range goals; metrics for measuring success.  He also outlined the emerging theme and current discussion, currently focusing on the ³environmental scan² piece, summarizing:  external pressures, internal strengths, various anticipated trends and their implications, and strategic areas for action:  quality of faculty and staff, quality of students, effective organizational culture, resource acquisition and utilization, interdisciplinary programs, and public communications.   He wanted to encourage the coordination of this plan with our own planning process.   There was some concern that the current document leaves out some of the important goals for the coordinate campuses.  Maddy Maxeiner asked if there was any mention of how to link with external stakeholders.  Ratliff-Crain said at this point it is not clear how broad that discussion will be and the view now seems to be that group will work on the priorities first.  Jim Carlson asked if this would be used as an internal document or for the general public.  Ratliff-Crain said it will be used for both and his concern is that the educational piece will not come through.  Sandy Olson-Loy suggested using some of the language from the Citizens League Task Force.  Andy Lopez asked what CRPC could do.   Ratliff-Crain said we need to have a clear mission statement emphasizing UMM¹s strengths and how we fit into the broader mission.  Lopez asked if the Leadership Team would be willing to help.  Maxeiner said absolutely.  She added that she was glad that Jeff was representing UMM on the Strategic Planning Committee.   Lopez thanked Ratliff-Crain for presenting this to CRPC today.


Next week Lowell Rasmussen will give an update on Capital Requests.