University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee


November 16, 2004




Members Present:       Sara Haugen, Mark Fohl, Cassie McMahon, Sharon Van Eps,

                                    Bryan Herrmann, Sarah Mattson, Lowell Rasmussen, Andy Lopez,

                                    Arne Kildegaard, Jim Carlson, LeAnn Dean, Maddy Maxeiner


Guests:                                    Sam Schuman, Sandy Olson-Loy, Fritz Schwaller



(In these minutes:  Update of Capital Requests)




Lowell Rasmussen reported that the bid package for the Social Science renovation came back significantly over the original cost estimate.  The design team and construction manager are now going back to see what happened and they have been given a deadline of December 1 on how to handle this. 


Schuman added that itıs important for the UMM community to know that UMM and the U of MN did exactly what we were supposed to do.  We have yet to hear from the architects and design team how this happened.  He believes the biggest impact on us is that it slow us down. 


Rasmussen also mentioned that the Campus Police Department has submitted a grant request to have video security cameras installed at the entrances and parking lots that will be monitored by the Twin Cities campus.  He added that cost factor to UMM will be minimal.  The grant covers the cost of the cameras and installation and the T3 line is covered by central administration. 


Update of Capital Requests


Rasmussen reported that the request for 2005 will include the 2004 bonding bill and the Gay 1 sprinkler project.  The 2006 request will include the Briggs Library and health safety improvements as well as the Blakely reuse plan.  There will also be HEAPR requests and Classroom Improvement/Technology Infrastructure requests.  Rasmussen also noted that the wind turbine is expected to be up and running by April 1.  We will need to put high voltage power lines between the campus and the turbine.




Andy Lopez reminded the committee that any suggestions for the Strategic Planning document will need to be submitted by December 1.  Sam Schuman noted that based on interchanges that have already taken place, it is pretty clear that thrust of the document focuses on the Twin Cities campus and research.  In conversations, Schuman and Kathryn Martin have tried to inject a bit more of the flavor of undergraduate research on our campuses.  He believes it is fine if CRPC would like to have some input, however, he is pessimistic that anything would and is ambivalent whether itıs worth the committeeıs time.  He added during his time at UMM, it seems that there have been periods when central administration has been very system-oriented and other times, the relationship between UMM and central, was a hostile one.  He believes right now we are somewhere between those two.  He added that the four top administrators are all long-time University leaders which may lead to a Twin Cities centric perspective.  We may be in a period of benign neglect.  He will continue to be pushy to make sure we are not neglected.


Andy also reminded the committee about the Town Hall meeting scheduled on November 23 and stated the importance of committee members attending.  Upcoming agenda items will include a policy on grant distributions and updating UMMıs strategic plan at the November 30 meeting.