University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee


November 30, 2004




Members Present:       Andy Lopez, Sara Haugen, Mark Fohl, Jim Carlson, LeAnn Dean,

                                    Matt Croaston, Isaac Linehan-Clodfelter Sharon Van Eps,

                                    Lowell Ramussen, Maddy Maxeiner, Arne Kildegaard


Guests:                                    Fritz Schwaller and Tom Mahoney



(In these minutes:  Recovered Facilities and Administrative Costs Policy and Updating UMMıs Strategic Plan)


Recovered Facilities and Administrative Costs Policy


Schwaller reported that Tom Mahoney compared our policy to other colleges that we compare ourselves to and eventually came up with the principles for the use of Recovered Facilities and Administrative costs.  Currently U of MN policy returns 85.5% of recovered Facilities and Administrative costs (F&A, formerly IDC/ICR) to the coordinate campus that generated the F&A.  2.5% of the recovered amount is reserved for the library, leaving 83% to support sponsored projects related activities at UMM as follows:


A:  Support of the Grants Development Office (GDO).

1)    Support for 25% time of the pre-award coordinator (or current job title).

2)    Support one student intern position.

3)    Office operations and travel including professional development travel.

4)    Maintenance of a reserve equal to one yearıs allocation ($21,500 based on FY04).


B:  Any remaining funds will be available at the Deanıs discretion with the following priorities:

1)    Reimbursement to units for communications and supply costs directly related to awards that generated F&A.

2)    Matching money for proposals/awards that generate F&A.

3)    Incentive funds to encourage development of proposals for external funding.


Jim Carlson asked what amount we usually receive.  Mahoney said it has varied from a few hundred dollars to $26,000.  Carlson made a motion to support the policy.  Second by Mark Fohl.   Motion carries.


Updating UMMıs Strategic Plan


Lopez suggested that CRPC begin talking about updating the 2002-2005 Strategic Three-Year Plan that was approved by Campus Assembly on 3/20/02 and asked the committee for their suggestions on how to proceed.  Fritz Schaller said the leadership team worked on a similar version of strategic goals at their retreat this year.  Some suggestions/ideas to be added are as follows:  Overall Technology Plan, Secure funding for HFA Phase III, Secure funding for Library remodeling, and coping with changes in state and federal resources.   Arne Kildegaard wondered if we should dovetail what is currently being done at the All-University level although he prefers how we currently do it.  Lopez said he would like us to have our own plan.  He would also like a subcommittee to draft the first three paragraphs of the plan.  Maddy Maxeiner suggested using some language that builds a coalition around our academic strengths, i.e., undergraduate research with faculty.  Lopez added that he would like CRPC to work on this for the next two to three months with the hope of getting it to Campus Assembly before the end of the academic year.  Sharon VanEps brought up a problem with student stipends and work study jobs on campus and that students are often penalized.  Schwaller said the leadership team talked about this very issue this week although and are working through it.  At this point, they do not have a clear cut answer.


CPRC will continue the discussion about updating the plan at the next meeting.