University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee


January 25, 2005




Members Present:       Andy Lopez, Sara Haugen, Mark Fohl, Arne Kildegaard, Matt Croaston,

                                    Sharon Van Eps, Bryan Herrmann, Sarah Mattson, Lowell Rasmussen,

                                    Jim Carlson, Maddy Maxeiner


Guests:                                    Sam Schuman, James Morales, David Loewi



(In these minutes: Continued discussion of Strategic Plan, Update on UMM and China linkages, Change in UMM domain name)


Continued discussion of Strategic Plan


Andy Lopez asked committee members if they received the draft of a strategic plan sent to them by Chancellor Schuman and wondered if there was anything that should be included or not listed as a high priority. Jim Carlson noted that he was happy to see that HFA Phase III was included. Schuman added that this plan was a combination of what the chancelloršs leadership team talked about and what he heard from the December planning committee meeting. Carlson was also pleased to see that recruiting and retaining top quality faculty and staff was on the plan and asked if there has ever been any documentation why salaries at UMM are below other campuses and what could we do so solve that problem. Lopez added that the printed reports we receive are simply reporting the facts. Schuman explained that this is a result of historic evolution and he has raised the notion of faculty receiving an equivalent dollar amount increase instead of a percentage increase, but that hasnšt happened. Schuman and Fritz Schwaller are committed to changing this. Lopez added that if a position was retrenched, that money could be spread around. Arne Kildegaard asked if there is evidence that staff salaries have fallen behind compared to peer institutions. Schuman responded that bargaining unit salaries are exactly the same on all campuses. Sara Haugen asked how P&A staff compare. Sarah Mattson responded that we compare ourselves to CUPA resources as we hire. There was additional discussion about increasing the number of new students per year and setting realistic goals that we can meet. Kildegaard appreciated the fact that some the committees goals were incorporated as they discussed, but the student educational experience was absent and he wondered what we are going to do for them. Due to time limitations, the discussion will continue at the next meeting.


Update on UMM and China Linkages


Schuman reported that several events have happened since he spoke to the committee last fall. Jennifer Falzerano will do the student recruiting and Admissions part of the exchange program with China institutions. We have asked the China Center of the University of Minnesota to give us leadership in establishing those contacts. Hong Yang, the director of the China Center, has agreed to help us and has already had contact with about 8 institutions, all of which are interested in building relationships with us. The next step is for Jennifer, Sam, and Hong to visit those institutions, tentatively in April. The goal would be set up an exchange program with one or two institutions. Tom McRoberts and the Center for International Programs are working with us and are very enthusiastic.



Change in UMM domain name


Lopez introduced the new director of Computing Services, David Loewi. James Morales said the background on changing the URL name to is not a new idea. He added that the web was in its infancy when UMM chose As the web evolved, many universities and colleges have taken advantage of changing their domain names. Changing our name to morris instead of mrs will get our name out there. Loewi said he was happy to be here and added the plan to change the URL was already in the works when he arrived here. Computing Services will have the ability to change many of the web pages. However, in some cases the user will need to make some changes because they have their own web page and/or their own images that include an URL. E-mail addresses will also need to be changed. He encouraged everyone to attend the training sessions that are currently being held. He added that Computing Services staff will be available to help anyone who has problems or questions. Jim Carlson made a motion to endorse the change in the UMM domain name, second by Bryan Herrmann. Motion carries.




Minutes from the 11/9, 11/16, 11/30, and 12/7 meetings were approved as presented.


Lopez added that the agenda for the next CRPC meeting on January 31 will be to wrap up discussion of Strategic Plan.