University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee


January 31, 2005




Members Present:       Lowell Rasmussen, LeAnn Dean, Matt Croaston, Jim Carlson, Mark Fohl,

                                    Sharon VanEps, Sarah Mattson, Sara Haugen, Andy Lopez, Arne Kildegaard,

                                    Dennis Templeman, Maddy Maxeiner, Bryan Herrmann


Guests:                                    Sam Schuman, Sandy Olson-Loy



(In these minutes: Continued discussion of Strategic Plan)


Continued discussion of Strategic Plan


Jim Carlson asked for more information on enhancing UMM as a green campus, specifically the tunnels and asked about the costs involved. Lowell Rasmussen said there is an unofficial plan that would hook buildings together and that several years ago CRPC charged him with looking at the appropriate linkage of buildings. He added that the pedestrian tunnel between Science and the Student Center cost approximately $700,000; to link Camden and Social Science will cost approximately $400,000. Bryan Herrmann asked about including the master plan in the strategic plan. Rasmussen said the master plan is a stand-alone document that goes to the Regents for their approval after receiving approval from CRPC. Arne Kildegaard asked about integrating the technology plan in the strategic plan. LeAnn Dean said that in 2002, a technology plan was drafted by LeAnn, Roger Boleman and John Bowers, and it was outlined the realities of technology issues and recommendations. Sam Schuman gave an illustration about wired vs. wireless and how that affects almost every electrical device on campus‹everything is inter-related‹and we canąt predict how much will change 10 years from now. Sara Haugen said she would like to a balance between technology with green campus portion. LeAnn Dean suggested combining two sentences under the increase and strategically manage resources section. Jim Carlson asked if we should be more realistic about enhancing salaries at UMM. Schuman said the plan doesnąt say to achieve equality in salaries, but to enhance salaries. He added that the average TC salary is $25,000 more than UMM. As an intermediate goal, he would like to see that gap narrowed. UMM has tried to improve our scale by bringing people in at a higher salary. He does not think it is realistic to think we can achieve parity by June 2008. Lopez asked if the committee was ready to vote on the plan. Mark Fohl suggested voting on the plan at the next meeting.


The next meeting will be Tuesday, February 8.