University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee


February 8, 2005


Members Present:       Andy Lopez, Sara Haugen, Sarah Mattson, LeAnn Dean, Arne Kildegaard, Bryan Herrmann, Isaac Linehan Clodfelter, Matt Croaston, Emily Carr, Maddy Maxeiner, Lowell Rasmussen


Guests:                        Fritz Schwaller, Sandy  Olson-Loy



Andy Lopez distributed updated Strategic 3 Year Plan Draft.  Fohl motioned to approve plan.  Kildegaard seconds.  Discussion.  Dean mentioned that the goals arenıt parallel.         Start with Œimplementı rather than Œsuccessfullyı.  Olson Loy- the different is intentional because we want to be successful.  Haugen asked if we were already raising money for 1/6 mach for HFA III.  Maxiener raising money for pre design.  Lopez- Have we raised a substantial amount? Maxiener -Balance $15,000-$20,000- a long way from target.  Need $50,000 for pre design- havenıt tackled it by traditional fundraising styles.  Kildegaard- noticed that enrollment was just a Œplanı- wants us to Œmanageı enrollment.  Maxiener- what would be next steps for the Strategic Plan.  Lopez - take it to the Campus Assembly.  Maxiener- hold off on a plan until Sam can be here to discuss a designation that many other public liberals have received.  Insert language of a Public Honors College into plan.  Lopez- discussion happened after plan?  Schwaller- having it as tag line- broad discussion required- public honors college. What about our honors program?- can proceed in parallel or included- potentially approve designation and then insert later.  Sarah Mattson- on point 4- where permitted by collective bargaining agreements- so it isnıt not just for one group.  Schwaller- any provisions need to be subject to agreements.  Herrmann- include public honors college in visibility section? Lopez- Better to leave out at this point and insert later. Kildegaard- Rather than planning to plan an enrollment management plan.  Motion‹Fohl- Œstrategically manage enrollmentı or Œmanage enrollment strategicallyı.  Seconded by Kildegaard.  Changing only heading to Manage Enrollment Strategically.  Olson Loy- troubled by ³and yet² in fourth line.  Herrmann motion to drop word ³yet².  Second Kildegaard.  Motion carries. 


Approve the minutes of January 25, 2005- Isaac Linehan-Clodfelter motions.  Second Matt Croaston.  Motion carries. 


Meeting time issue.  Assessment Committee- difficult to have meetings on campus.  Set time aside for the purpose of having committee meetings.  Reset schedule for Thursday noon hour.  Schwaller- Registrar has done two reports.  Kildegaard- wondered what was the nature of the report?.  Schwaller- Proposing a schedule.  Lopez would negatively affect the computer science 2-credit course scheduling, because they use the TTh 4-cr time slot to offer two 2-cr courses with 10 minutes between classes to allow for students and faculty to switch classrooms. With Social Science - still off-line ­ there will be a need to teach more frequently early and late in the day. This made the scheduling job 25% harder this year- hopefully this will change back after Social Science comes back on line.  These difficulties may be an artifact of the renovation.  Fohl said the matter should be studied before adopting the Registrarıs plan to shave ten minutes from each class.    Lopez has forwarded messages from the Chancellor and Registrar.  The committee will meet next week to further discuss this matter and to make sure we arenıt just reacting to the Social Science building closing.  If the problem is broader we should do a more comprehensive study of the issues.  The Dean has looked at other models out there.  Olson-Loy mentioned that several liberal arts college model were discussed when we changed to semesters.  To create hours of free time may lead to schedules where some students may not get lunch or supper.


Rasmussen mentioned that: Lobby day is 23rd of February.  Governor recommended $3 million for bio mass, Senate- $8 million. Wind power line is in- 3-5 days to get it done.  Wind generator will come in 22 semi loads including the crane.  Installation will begin on February 16th- generator to go on line March 15th.  Dedication April 22nd- UMM is buying wind power at 80% of Ottertail power prices.  Getting Getty draft on March 1st.  The draft is 300 pages long. It will be distributed nationally when it is done.  Pre design Briggs Library and Blakely Hall- needs to done by April 16th-  following an aggressive schedule to have it included in the 2006 request.  Gay 1- sprinkler project for this summer is to be approved by Regents this week.  Lowell has also placed a DVD on the Biomass  project on reserve in the Library.  The DVD includes a walk thru with the superintendent of a functioning biomass plant.