University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee


March 29, 2005




Members Present:       Sara Haugen, Lowell Rasmussen, Bryan Herrmann, Sharon VanEps,

                                    LeAnn Dean, Matt Croaston, Isaac Linehan-Clodfeltder, Andy Lopez,

                                    Arne Kildegaard


Guests:                                    Peter Orr, Fritz Schwaller, Sandy Olson-Loy, Sam Schuman



(In these minutes:  Getty Grant, Status of Strategic Plan, Update from Executive Committee)


Getty Grant


Lowell Rasmussen asked CRPC to begin the process of going through the Campus Landscape Preservation packet, page by page.  If committee members do not agree with either the recommended or not recommended items, Rasmussen will pass those concerns on to the Getty Grant members. 


Status of Strategic Plan


Andy Lopez asked if members were ready to forward the plan to the Executive Committee to be placed on the assembly agenda.   Kildegaard remembers being finished with the plan.  


Update from Executive Committee


Lopez read the motion from the Executive Committee which states, ³We ask the CRPC to respond to questions forwarded by the EC in Fall 2004 and make recommendations regarding fundraising and alumni relations as they find appropriate.  We ask that they respond by the end of the 2005 calendar year. ³  He asked committee members to think about how they want to handle this request.  He added that normally CRPC depends on the administration to produce documents.  He feels some of the questions are not appropriate for this committee to handle.  Arne Kildegaard asked what the history of the relationship between CPRC and EC has been in the past.  He also wondered what the EC intends to do with the information if we collect it.  Lopez said he does not remember a time when the EC has given CRPC a set of questions like this and then said answer them.  He believes there are many other things CRPC should be concerned about and he doesnıt want to get into little picky things.  This seems to be micro managing and he does not see this as CRPCıs mission.  He asked guidance from CRPC because this is not what we are used to doing.


Minutes of 1/31/05, 2/8/05, 2/14/05, and 3/8/05 approved on a motion by Arne Kildegaard, second by Bryan Herrmann.


Update on Social Science Building


Schuman reported that things are moving rapidly in the Twin Cities to hire a different contract manager.   Heıs not sure how long it will take but hopes to see work begin at the site sometime next month.


The next meeting will be Monday, April 4.