University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee


April 12, 2005




Members Present:       Sara Haugen, Mark Fohl, Emily Carr, Arne Kildegaard, Sharon VanEps,

                                    Lowell Rasmussen, Sarah Mattson, LeAnn Dean, Maddy Maxeiner,

                                    Bryan Herrmann, Andy Lopez


Guests:                                    Sam Schuman



(In these minutes: Discuss letter regarding salaries to President Bruininks, Future Agenda Items)



Letter to President Bruininks


Andy Lopez asked for comments/reactions to the draft of the letter that will be sent to President Bruininks. He also asked if any faculty members of CRPC attended the faculty meeting with the president when he was here on April 8. Arne Kildegaard said the subject of faculty salaries did come up and his interpretation was that he is not entirely discouraged about something being done. Bruininks has heard from the faculty and it he hears from this committee, perhaps it will help the administration for next year. Sarah Haugen said the letter and attachments look impressive and grim at the same time. She worries that they may expect us to find additional money. Sam Schuman said there are many faculty members that feel the strategic position document is not inclusive of the coordinate campuses. He believes we should figure out what we want before we ask for more money. Do we want to increase salaries or increase faculty? Itšs not realistic to expect both. We should make it clear that the institution is doing something and we would like central administration to do something as well, perhaps ask them to match the endowment. Andy Lopez said personally he sees no need to enlarge the number of faculty. Sharon VanEps asked if faculty across the board feel over-extended. Andy said according to the data book, the student ratio used to be 18-1, now it is 14-1. Arne Kildegaard believes that some division chairs are better at protecting faculty from becoming over-extended. He asked Schuman where he thought the conversation regarding faculty size should happen. Schuman said he believes it needs to happen with the division chairs and Dean. Sarah Mattson asked if there was a budget model that plays out to specific numbers of student/faculty ratio and if there was a breakeven point. Schuman said he believes we could easily teach 2000-2100 students with the faculty we have now. Maddy Maxeiner said she likes the idea of asking the president to match endowment funds and added that she and Sam will actively fundraise for this. She believes the Alumni Board would also be very supportive. She wondered if current faculty would support this fund. Lopez said he believes there are too many variables on who would support this. He asked for help from Maxeiner for specific language explaining the terms and conditions. LeAnn Dean asked if P&A staff should specifically be included. Schuman believes that it will simply happen. Sarah Mattson wondered if was anything in the strategic positioning document indicating that there was cooperation between the Twin Cities and the coordinate campuses about competing for the same type of student. Bryan Herrmann said he believes the Twin Cities has tried to portray themselves as a small campus and that there is little cooperation with the coordinate campuses. Lopez suggested that language should be added to the letter that explains our need for central administrationšs cooperation with campus initiatives including an explicit acknowledgement that we cannot do this alone. Bryan Herrmann made a motion to approve the letter in principle addressing additional funds. Second by Sharon VanEps. Motion passes.


Minutes of 3/21 and 3/29 were approved as presented.


Agenda for upcoming meetings


April 18 ­ general discussion about reaction to the Strategic Plan

April 26 ­ Blakely and Briggs Library update from Lowell Rasmussen

May 2 ­ Budget update from Gary Strei and update on enrollment from James Morales


Schuman said the Strategic Position document will be submitted to the Regents in May. Then there will be a series of subcommittee task forces. He believes they will want input prior to next December. Bryan Herrmann asked if their the new Honors College in the Twin Cities was a concern for us. Sam Schuman said he has requested orally and in writing that if an Honors College is formed that every student spend at least one semester on this campus. Maddy Maxeiner said the president was very supportive of referring to UMM as a public honors college and she sees this as a very positive sign for us.