University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee


September 12, 2005




Members Present:         Andy Lopez, Jim Carlson, Nick Petersen, Tim Lindberg, Sharon VanEps,

                                               Dan Moore, Sarah Mattson, Sara Haugen, LeAnn Dean, Peer Wyckoff,

                                               Pareena Lawrence, Bryan Herrmann


Guests:                               Sandy Olson-Loy, Sam Schuman, Jeff Ratliff-Crain, Fritz Schwaller,

                                               Michael Korth, Blair Jasper



(In these minutes: Discussion of Strategic Positioning Task Force)



The meeting began with a round of introductions. Andy Lopez informed the committee on several issues that have arisen during the summer months: 1) the CRPC group did not do much strategic planning over the summer, 2) the chancellor will be stepping down at the end of the year, 3) Robert Jones plans to visit UMM on 9/14/05 to talk about the chancellor search, 4) the Constitutional Revision Task Force needs to be addressed, and 5) the Strategic Positioning Task Force meeting in Minneapolis on 9/16/05.


Sam Schuman reported that after consulting with the chairs of the Consultative and CRPC committee and the outgoing and incoming members of the all-University Faculty Consultative Committee, the Executive Committee has asked CRPC to function as the Strategic Positioning Task Force. Schuman added that he was just informed that a retreat will be held on Friday, September 16 in the Twin Cities and he encouraged all of the members to attend. He believes many issues the Task Force will be discussing are largely irrelevant or already understood at UMM. He thinks the Task Force should focus on the question of how many students should we have at UMM and how do we get there, along with what is a realistic enrollment goal for UMM. He encouraged committee members to invite people in who can address that question, without sacrificing the quality of students. Along with the question of how many students we should have, there are additional questions, e.g., what size should our faculty and staff be. He noted that as our student body size has gone down, the size of our workforce has increased. He also believes there are strategies to follow to get to that ideal size and suggested the following: 1) our international student program is growing, 2) become a national leader as a campus dependable on alternative energy, 3) make our small town location an attraction rather than a liability and use that as a recruitment tool, and 4) fund raising is an important part. He sees his role as not to figure out what the results should be but to make sure the process keeps going. He will probably not attend future meetings unless he is invited to attend. Additionally, he doesnÕt know how the three central administrators involved in this process will have a coordinating role in regards to coordinate campuses. Lopez added that Jeff Ratliff-Crain experienced some of this last year and noted that simply trying to interject is not fruitful; we need to go full boar for ourselves. Ratliff-Crain said that we should look at the categories and focus in on that, e.g. student numbers. There are some Twin Cities initiatives that are in direct competition with us. The different reporting venues have been difficult and he urges the committee and campus to put a lot of energy in it. Peter Wyckoff noted that UMC mentions us a lot in their planning document and asked if we need to acknowledge that. Schuman said we shouldnÕt ignore it but believes it is not a prominent part of their plan. Our job is to plan for ourselves. Lopez added that Nancy Carpenter, UMMÕs representative to the all-University Faculty Consultative Committee, informed him that the budget process will be changing at the university and he wondered if that will affect strategic planning. Michael Korth, a member of the Finance & Planning Committee said there will be some radical changes in the budgeting process, for example, units will be charged fees for supporting central administration, but he believes this is happening independently and the budget redesign was started earlier than the strategic positioning. Sandy Olson-Loy noted that she has noticed more talks about collaboration and she has seen some signs, especially in multi-cultural affairs. She believes we need to determine where we connect to system initiatives. Lopez asked committee members to let him know if they plan to attend the retreat in the Twin Cities and he will arrange transportation.


Meeting adjourned at 4:25 p.m.