University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources & Planning Committee


Strategic Positioning Task Force


November 1, 2005




Members Present:         Jim Carlson, Sara Haugen, Sarah Mattson, Dan Moore, Tim Lindberg,

                                               LeAnn Dean, Lowell Rasmussen, Peter Wyckoff, Andy Lopez,

                                               Bryan Herrmann, Tim Soderberg, Theresa Wivinus, Maddy Maxeiner,

                                               Sharon VanEps, Pareena Lawrence


Guests:                               Dave Aronson, Fritz Schwaller




Campus Resources & Planning Committee


Dave Aronson and Lowell Rasmussen presented information about the new football field. Rasmussen stated that we have a signed agreement that the costs will be split 50/50 with the Morris Area High School. Aronson noted that there may be some cost saving by using the existing aluminum planking and some of the lights from the current high school field. He also mentioned that the architects are looking into having collapsible goalposts. The plan is to use the existing field as a practice field and the new field will be used as a playing field. Peter Wyckoff asked if the new field would be available for soccer playoff games. Aronson said there is an on-going discussion about this. There are operational concerns because the field will be marked as a football field, not a soccer field. Rasmussen added that we have a joint operating agreement that is open for discussion. There is an joint operational committee that includes athletic directors, coaches, student reps, the Chancellor and the MAHS Superintendent. Aronson said the proposal will be presented to the Board of Regents for their approval. Then the architects will start the design development. If there are no glitches, we are optimistic the field will be ready for September 2006. Wyckoff asked if there are naming rights for major donors. Rasmussen said the University has a policy and guidelines for naming. Dan Moore made a motion that CRPC gives preliminary approval for the joint football field, second by Bryan Herrmann. Motion carries.


Strategic Positioning Task Force


Lopez reported that not many people are signing up for the focus groups. Dan Moore said that Anne Carroll has been invited to meet with the MCSA Forum next week. There has also been discussion with the RAs about doing floor focus groups. Jim Carlson has set up a time for the band and choir students. Wyckoff suggested going door-to-door. He will take the Science & Math building; Pareena will take Social Science and Humanities; Pam Solvie will do the Education building. There are plans to meet with USA and P&A, Student Activities staff, Sodexho staff, External Relations staff, Plant Services staff, and Admissions staff.


Adjourned at 9:00 a.m.